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  • stugots2000 stugots2000 May 11, 1998 8:51 PM Flag

    check that- all time high

    Dont count your chx$ before they hatch, I love this stock, its like a great bond. I hope your right but 26-30 is far from 17. ? Whats your time frame for this move up?

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    • Unlike most posts I have read I try to offer a
      little analysis with my posts. I spend 2 to 4 hours each
      day researching stocks.
      And I realy like chx. I am
      hoping for record profits. Year ago
      EPS was 1.49 and
      this year estimate is 1.40. I think it will beat
      estimates for each quarter; I would love for it to beat the

      .68 of sept '97 but I doubt that will happen. Will
      chx beat 1997
      eps of 1.49, most likely. I never
      want to post all hype. We will find resistance through
      the 17's and serious resistance again at 20,
      regardless of earnings. CHX ain't AOL. Once we are
      20 at about the 24+ level we need a split
      announcement to
      ever see 26-30. However, like any stock
      sometimes earnings doesn't matter, momentum and director
      timing is key. In the past thirteen years they really
      have never had an opportunity to do any thing like
      this with the stock. It will be very interesting to
      see how it is handled.

      Do I plan on buying
      more chx? yes
      Has volume the past couple of days
      bothered me? yes
      Do I like the fact the stock is up
      3/16 ? yes
      When do I think we will see 20 ? End of
      summer rally

      Caution statement: Remember I'm just
      an ol ag teacher from arkansas and this is only my
      humble opinion. By the way I do own some AOL and hell
      yes aol is overvalued--it is and will be a momentum
      play. Hype, hype and more hype...but you've got to love