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  • stugots2000 stugots2000 Jun 16, 1998 11:28 AM Flag

    long john silver chapter 11?

    I feel this move would add more trading volume to
    the stock. Between the institutions holding the stock
    and the CHX people, apx 85% of the stock is tightly
    held. This could allow more trading with less
    volitility, or an easier exit for larger shareholders. I
    perfer to think this will favor shareholders, by taking
    out price swings on little volume. I believe mgt has
    acted in the best interest of shareholders before and
    will continue to do so since they hold so much of the
    stock. A split is almost automatic, my guess is 3 for 2.
    Any large sell order would probably come in the form
    of another public offering, similar to the ADM deal.
    Maybe a split and offer combined for 2 for 1. Just my