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  • stugots2000 stugots2000 Jun 16, 1998 8:17 PM Flag

    long john silver chapter 11?

    Just an idea--- Yes your right an offering
    usually comes at a discount to the market. 11 5/8 was a
    steal last year but the brokers touted up a good deal
    to create excess demand for the offering so the
    stock moved up immediately. Look at TWMC. Had a
    secondary offering at 26 when the stock was at 31. But now
    its a 40 number. Everyone likes a hot deal. The price
    action from such a move could be what CHX needs to get a
    pop. I also feel the added liquidity would allow the
    stock to sell at higher PE multiples through increased
    volume and activity. Those bastard brokers might help
    you out for once, but don't bank on it.