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  • razorback2000 razorback2000 Jul 5, 1998 5:14 PM Flag

    Mr Hyde!!

    I knew you were still out there-and true to form
    when you're wrong you'd much rather type silly insults
    than admit it. I apologize if you have alzheimers-that
    at least would explain why you keep contradicting
    your own "words of wisdom" (?). Broker calls?? Where
    does your alter-ego come up with this stuff? Anything
    I want to know about chicken results I get from my
    own P&L reports-not a broker and definitely not here.
    Buy more CHX? For my money I'd buy SAFM-it's yet to
    move. CHX has tripled.

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    • Safm announced record earnings for 4th qtr of $.79/sh. If you like chicken stocks SAFM will outearn most of their peers in '99.I still own CHX but I'm buying SAFM.

    • This is still a small company, compared to MO.
      Often moves down on low volume are taken back up, just
      like what happened recently. I cant give you a reason,
      but its my feeling that any selling is being absorbed
      by the company itself. A split would re-offer these
      shares and possibly expand the PE of the company... Just
      my opinion

    • It makes sense, but I still feel that someone is
      moving it higher here as volume is above normal and
      Phillip Morris is a "safe haven" that comes to the
      public's mind not PP. Not that I'm unhappy with the move,
      I am, very happy. However, it feels strange how it
      just turned on a dime. Last week it declined during a
      market pullback, so I'm not sure if it is the "food
      stock, safe bet thing" who knows, im just glad its
      moving higher. Good luck.


    • Read many previous posts.. Food stocks are a safe place to be. Chx is tightly held.. Low PE.. ect ect

    • anyone know what is behind chx's big recovery in these down times? It sure looks strong with normal/high volume. ideas?

    • I dont have much knowledge of commodities, but I
      thought falling prices for corn farmers would be off-set
      by bigger yields in the harvest, thus making a non
      event for farmers. If the crop was reduced-higher
      prices would make up the lost. ??? Its a hell of a
      market when stocks with good earnings can go down 30%..
      Ive been very defensive, put some money in the Janus
      20 fund.. One of my favorites.

    • Had a tough couple of weeks.... a great day today
      though. We are in position to make some money. I wish I
      had had some money to have bought at 18 and change.
      But the gators were snapping at me
      on all sides
      last week, finally got some breathing room today
      though nearly 8,000 back today and 2000 yesterday, whew
      I've been kinda moody. One more day like today and
      I'll be smiling two more days like today and I'll even
      be able to tolerate our resident blubbering idiot
      for about 2 seconds longer than normal.

      waiting to see if you were still around to report about
      my road trip through the heart of the corn belt.
      Illinois and Indiana, and a farmer from Ohio, I went
      through Illinois and Indiana and we went to Indiana to
      meet a farmer from Ohio. Any chicken stock should be a
      good investment.

      I really feel sorry for the
      corn and soybean farmers, They are going to get the
      hell beat out of them on commodity prices this year.

      IMO the stars are aligning for the chicken stocks.
      Texas drought and the selling off of their beef herds
      is a new factor to the beef herd reduction. We are
      now looking at 20 to 24 months for a serious beef
      herd increase could possibly be expanded to 30 months
      plus. Pork is in a much better position.

      Sometimes it seems like a full time job keeping this board
      free of idiots. Anybody can post but it sure would be
      nice if we had a little research and intelligent input
      from those that post. I will continue in my endeavor
      to keep this board open and honest and obove board,
      however, that is Hyde's specialty.

    • A whole lot of that last week.. Who's jerking Who in this market?

    • A brokers job is like taking candy from a baby. I
      think they call people like you marks.

      update your not a rocket scientis,einstein,nor do you
      have a phd but you think your a little fidelity.
      Thanks for the deep and provocative thought, I didn't
      know you had to own them all to take advantage of the
      cyclical nature of the poultry industry. I challenge
      anybody to go to tsn and chx and read your post,
      jacksquat was also you and no telling who else and they
      will come to the same conclusion; you don't own tsn or
      chx but you enjoy posting on their boards and only
      further convince me you don't know what the hell your
      talking about.

      The good doctor will be making a
      house call to cagle and safm.

    • The chicken industry has a saying in down profit
      cycles-"the only thing dumber than chickens is the man who
      owns them". These last two posts confirm that the
      saying is also applicable to up profit cycles and to
      public stockholders too!

      Until Fidelity creates a
      select portfolio of chicken stocks in order to play the
      cycle you have to buy them all-kindergarten investors
      understand this concept-what's your problem?

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