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  • dr_jekel dr_jekel Apr 27, 1999 10:32 PM Flag

    fastrade, No Spamming Bastards allowed


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    • No written words necessary. The charts on the
      companies (WLRF, CGLA, TSN, SEB, SAFM, CHX, CAG
      AND ECT.)
      clearly shows that you have made too
      many miscalutions on
      the near term prospect of
      this industry. Don't fight
      the tape. Don't fight

    • business...after a day like today...i figure
      rocket science is more your speed...

      my honest
      opinion, the sec should investigate chx, from 30 to 18
      since june 30th....i can smell a rat...

      .66 eps
      and 1.76 for 9 months, looking at about 2.25...give
      me a break...

      remember this is just the
      opinion of an online lunatic...

    • to send sandy vaseline with the new super voting rights....

      my ass is already raw...

    • The Class B stock is the old stock and has
      super-voting rights of 20 to 1. All shareholders, including
      the Pilgrim family, were issued new Class A shares
      equalling 50% of their Class B ownership, therefore the
      ratio of internal ownership remains exactly the same.
      Class A stock (one vote per share) is planned for use
      in acqisitions and capital stock offerings, when
      Someone needs to gripe to Yahoo and Rueters because they
      are not adjusting properly for the additional number
      of shares issued. All the other wire services,
      including Dow Jones, are handling it properly, but the
      history data on Yahoo still reflects the old values. For
      example, the historical high for CHX is showing to be $30
      and now it should read $20. Seems very simple to me.
      They don't want to change it.

    • I cant even get a quote on PC quote for CHXa. We need some good PR to get the market to notice all the growth in earnings at Chx and that value that has been created.

    • Thanks for monitoring this message board, Cliff.
      If I understand the press release, the newly issued
      class A shares have more voting power than the old
      class B shares. The class A shares previously were held
      mainly by insiders (i.e. Bo Pilgrim) to keep control.
      Does this mean that the insider holdings are down and
      this is a more "public" company now? I think this
      would be viewed by many as a positive since a majority
      shareholder can act arbitrarily and not in the best interest
      of the minority holders. The press release talked
      about using the class B shares for acquisitions. This
      seems like a great idea. Maybe people would notice CHX
      then. It must be cheaper to buy a going venture than
      build one. How about Cagles, WLR, or Sanderson? They
      are all pretty cheap. Let's give Tyson someone to
      worry about.

    • An easy way to calculate adjusted price is to
      take price of CHX add 50% of CHXa price and this will
      give an adjusted price. An example would be 14 for CHX
      and 14 for CHXa: 14 + 7= 21. 21 would be the adjusted
      price.You might refer to msg 397 for possible answer for
      purpose of classified stock. This is just my opinion and
      food for thought only.

    • Can you please explain the purpose of having
      these different classes of stock and also if the
      exchanges will be updating the option symbols for chx. This
      is very confusing since I hold both stock and

      thank you.

    • Please send sandy vaseline with the new's the least he can do...

    • The old shares of CHX are and will continue to be
      Class B stock. Effective today, August 2, a new class
      of stock, Class A, has begun trading. For every two
      shares of Class B, there has been issued one share of
      Class A, effectively a one for two split. Yahoo has not
      picked up on the increased number of shares, so that's
      why they are showing CHX down about one third. It is
      not down one third but only down slightly. The Class
      A is trading on the NYSE and the symbol is
      "CHXa".It's been trading around $15. Thanks for the interest.

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