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  • mstr_Hyde mstr_Hyde Aug 12, 1999 5:18 PM Flag


    would like to thank you from the bottom of our
    hearts for the excellent screwing...We use to call it
    trick F_ _ _ing when I was much

    BTW..Stu if you read some of my previos post from long
    ago, I was optimistic about things such as what has
    happened happening...Get ready for a good hard
    screwing...Bo and the Boys screwed this up royally...But Bo and
    the boys coming from texas i wouldn't expect them to
    screw up a little bit...The only question i have how low can we or will we go..

    all in to
    opinion of an online lunatic...

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    • Maybe Bo will use the $400 million to buyback the "a"! Who and when are the targets?

    • until a majority of the A shares are sold to
      provide capital for expansion. Don't forget the
      $400million shelf filing. There is enough shares both a and b
      authorized to reduce your equity per share by at least
      another 50% when sold to raise capital. There is also
      potential for additional debt with the shelf filing. I'm
      not buying until after the dust settles. Ex dividend
      date was July 30. CHX has the potential to double in
      size with the shelf filing. But the price of stock
      will not recover until the expansion, acquisition or
      whatever proves profitable. It will definetely not be

      I don't even know why I am posting this message,
      nobody listened in July. Evidently everyone confused me
      with someone called jacksquat.

    • Bend over and relax, cause we took it up the
      ass...on this one.

      I only hope the boys decide not
      to buy anything with the stock now at shit
      levels...If they do, hang on even tighter and get ready for
      some deep stroking. Plus CHX better have one hell of a
      quarter...or it is going to do some tearing...We all might
      need one of those roid donuts before this is over

      Hey Cliff, is yahoo reporting the right price

      Nuts and bolts, Nuts and bolts,
      Weeeeeeeeeeeee got screwed...!!!!

      If the boys don't do
      something quick, the stock may take years to

      Bases loaded, and the pitcher sucks...What do you do??

    • The way the announcement was worded, I thought
      that all shareholders holding stock on July 20 would
      receive the class A shares. I sold on the 21st and then
      was told that I would not receive the class A shares
      because I didn't hold them until July 30th. I really feel
      like I got "SCREWED BIG TIME" on this one!!!

    • Am I the only one confused on the issue of the "Class A" shares that didn't happen to the stockholders of record date of July 20th???????????? Why didn't the shares get issued?

    • Even bought 2 shares yesterday.. This chxa stuff
      has me confused. Apparently a chx currency did not
      hold much value. But the volume in the stock is
      lame-my guess is no interest in a screw ball idea at this
      time. But if a selling company were to take chxa
      wouldn't it be a good deal now???

    • Being a dumbass was not a SEC

      Hell, CHX wasn't a real hot commodity, what made the
      boys think anybody would want CHXa....

      WK my
      advice, is to bend over and relax, causing being tense is
      only going to make it hurt worse. Cause you are in for
      a really good hard, slamming, bed post knocking,
      country boy screwing.


      WK, we
      are about 15 post split, your are really going to be
      sick at 10 post split...BTW...STU do you remember that
      dream I had??
      I believe you called it a

    • Im losing my ass here!


      wk, very upset.

    • Earlier I posted that I hoped to get back in at
      around $8 /sh. I am afraid that even that may be too
      high now. Aren't the chicken markets supposed to be
      lower this year? What about the grain prices? Shouldn't
      the heat wave that the country's been going through
      force grain prices to go up? With lower selling prices
      and higher grain costs, this could be the end of the
      streak of record profits. I think I will have to wait
      for the 3 1/2 for 5 1/4 reverse split/dividend(or
      whatever?) before I get back in this stock!