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  • dr_jekel dr_jekel Oct 7, 2000 9:14 PM Flag

    Stu...where you been??? I been fighting

    off gators again...Didn't get the run to 4100 on
    the nasdaq and my stocks were tanking...damn bears
    almost got me again... so i have been away, fighting
    bears...TSN has started to move, i accumulated about 5000
    shares in the last price recession...if chx wasn't so
    out of favor and so mis-managed we would probably be
    at 8 now and on our way even higher.

    way to get out of the 23 million that was going to be
    used to buy back 10% of the outstanding shares...LMAO.
    If you believed that I got about 3000shares of chx
    I'll let you have for 100 bucks per share...WHAT A
    BARGAIN !!!

    Stu take a look at PETD, natural gas
    stock that is not overinflated can get it at a decent
    price right now...and we get a cold winter...may be
    100% return.

    LMAO...Not to be taken as
    investment advice but the unsound grumblings of a unhappy
    psychotic investor...Remember investing is a risky business
    and never, i mean never buy a stock you hear about
    ove the internet....LMAO...

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