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  • don.leathers don.leathers Dec 4, 2012 8:02 PM Flag

    Dividend and Cap Gains Dates?

    I own a few PIMCO funds and I can pull the dividend and cap gains dates from the PIMCO website. When I try to do that for PETDX it seems to be the wrong document.

    Thinking of buying PETDX soon so if anyone can help me with the dates or the mentioned document, I will greatly appreciate it!

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    • As a mattter of fact, yesterday I had a gain of 5.63%. After reinvesting today's distributions, and today's price action, I now have a gain of 4.87% and a tax liability. Still waiting for someone to tell me why this was such "great news" or why it "made your day"?

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      • I believe Mr Kane is correct Pivotpoint, and that you probably are another of those who voted for Romney, and as such are another example of why Romney lost. You make nice gains on your investments, but you don't really want to any pay taxes, do you?

        I'm telling you, NO Republican will be elected President until you people understand that the wealthy aren't now paying their fair share of taxes. Why in the world should the rich get such an easy deal, while those in poverty must suffer? This is why our country is nearly broke.

        If things don't change, then the GOP will soon be dead, just like the Tea Party is already dead.

      • Nearly every dividend position I hold, fund or stock, can be counted on to drop some amount close to the distribution amount on the ex-date, whether it is termed a dividend or cap gains. This seems to be the rule rather than the exception.
        The Dec 7, 2011 cap gains distribution was 0.184070. I view this, much larger, 2012 distribution as a good thing.

      • I suspect you are reading the numbers wrong. Double check them.

        However, if you invested towards the end of the year via a taxable account, you will be screwed on taxes. Search "Mutual Funds Capital Gains Taxes" and you should come up with several articles explaining.

        If someone was in the fund all year, taxable on tax-exempt account, they should be very happy right now! Congrats to those people! I might be one of them for 2013!

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      • For me it was "great news" and "it made my day" because I am primarily a dividend investor at age 60 and retired. So yesterday I received a large "check" as I do every month and quarter and annually from many stocks and funds. I received that "check" as a part of my retirement funding plan and didn't have to sell a single share of PETDX. I actually reinvested a percentage of my "check" into PETDX as well. So now PETDX will make another 12 month trip to the "Capital Gains Store" and those shares that I own will produce another "check" for me next December. It's all about Total Return and my Total Return in PETDX is quite pleasing.

        On another note, I am sorry that you don't want to pay taxes on your gains. I accept that I pay taxes although all of my PETDX is in IRA accounts and my gains aren't taxable, only any distributions that I take. So most of yesterday's capital gains distribution is still in my IRA as "cash" and I can choose to spend it and pay ordinary income tax on it or I can reinvest it.

        PETDX isn't a fund for someone who wants to avoid taxes. Some research would have told you that PETDX pays regular quarterly dividends and often pays out large end of the year capital gains distributions. Sounds like this is the wrong fund for your asset allocation strategy (assuming you have one).

        Have a great day and a nice holiday season!

      • A quick calculation shows that I have actually lost in both PETDX and PSLDX! :( and the latter is held in taxable :( :(

    • Long term = .0561 Short term = .2157 Total Cap Gains 12/12 = .2718

    • Quarterly dividend - Dec 27
      Capital Gains - Dec 12

7.40+0.03(+0.41%)May 5 6:45 PMEDT