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  • very_viking very_viking Apr 21, 2008 7:59 PM Flag

    Will tomorrow be our day?

    Just trust your read of what is going on... they are pumping this market for all it's worth so that they can dump out of sour positions. I've gotten to where I use CNBC as my barometer of the opposite direction of this market. Whatever they are pumping do the exact inverse and you'll make money.

    WE ARE IN HYPERINFLATION... period... you need read nothing else to understand what is about to happen to America. Don't get me wrong though... this is one trade that I'd gladly forgo as the pain that we are about to experience has no precedent in this country. It will leave none of us untouched no matter how we try to protect ourselves. Jobs, food and fuel will become luxury items in the near future. Crime will skyrocket as people get desperate to feed their kids at any cost. Our once successful businesses that we have put our blood and souls into will wither and die a slow death. It is criminal what these crooks have done to our great country and they should all be publicly tried and hanged for these criminal acts.

    This is a deliberate sabotage of America that is happening and when history looks back on this era it will be as dark as what Germany experienced in the 30's and 40's times 10.

    I'm old, and have lived what was perhaps the best of times in global history, and for that I'm eternally thankful. But I'm ashamed and sad about what I am leaving to my kids and grandkids... we got fat and spoiled and allowed this theft to happen as we watched TV until our brains were numb. America will wake up when she has a bloated belly from starvation... and not until.

    God damn you Mr. Cheney, Mr. Rumsfeld, Mr. Rove, Mr Wolfowitz and Ms Rice (Bush is too stupid to have pulled this off) and all the hidden actors to whom you answer. You are the definition of treason and I just hope that there is a higher justice in this universe.

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