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  • jolz02 jolz02 May 4, 2008 5:00 PM Flag

    Any thoughts on possible attackng Iran?

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    • I like the way you put things, Point well made!

      Thank you for the link...

    • I understand capitalism very well... I'm the founder and CEO of a successful engineering consulting firm. I have also set up and run a portion of my company in eastern europe (Romania and Hungary) for many years. My wife is a Hungarian/Romanian who was raised under the fascist and brutal Ceacescu regime... and was present in Timisoara for the beginning of the revolution that took his regime down. She just received her US Citizenship 1 year ago and expresses that what is happening in America right now reminds her too much of what she saw living in Romania. They don't take all of your rights in one big chunk... they whittle away at them and condition you to believe that it's in your best interest and for your protection.

      You talk about Vietnam as if you understood what it was and why we were there but you're way off base. The Gulf of Tonkin incident has now been absolutely proven (via declassified docs) to have been a false flag event that was staged to enable the buildup of US troops. Vietnam was never a threat.. just as Iraq was no threat. The only way that Cheney/Bush and thieves were able to justify going to war was via absolute disinformation and outright lies. For that we have sacrificed thousands of our best and brightest young men... and we continue to sacrifice them as we speak.

      Because of this misdirected and illadvised incursion into Iraq we are now trillions of dollars in debt to the point that the Director of the General Accounting Office stated publicly that if he was the CFO of a corporation... he'd be filing bankruptcy.

      Explain why we have two US Border Patrol agents serving lengthy prison terms for shooting and apprehending a low level Mexican drug cartel runner. We have a war going on on our southern border and yet the red carpet is being rolled out to well armed and violent Mexican organized crime to come and terrorize America and her citizens. I've never seen an arab terrorist but our small community is being overrun by some of the most violent and ruthless Mexican illegal invaders that owe their allegience to the 2 cartels and the Zetas. This is terrorism at the highest level... it's very real and right here in River City... but yet the Cheney/Bush criminals actually facilitate their being here.

      Then there is the assassination of the DC Madam this week who was just about to spill the beans on individuals that reached the highest levels of DC politics and she ends up hanging. Just 3 weeks prior she stated absolutely to Alex Jones, in an interview on, that she would never commit suicide... It's also just a coincidence that one of her hookers who was also preparing to cough up information was found hanging too.

      I would suggest that you spend some time and really get to know the Constitution upon which everything else in the country is built. A good start is a full online Constitution Course titled "An Introduction to The Constitution" by Michael Badnarik. If you don't understand what is at risk... you'll never understand what it is that you're fighting for.

      Link to the Constitution Course:

      I would also suggest that if you are close to DC that you go spend a day walking by yourself through Arlington National Cemetery and reflect upon what the place means right now. Take a copy of the pocket Constitution and Bill of Rights with you. Also print out the text of The Patiot Act so you can sit and read it sitting under a tree somewhere in the cemetery.

      If you finish that task... come back and I'll give you some more material that might wake you up.

    • Your all over the place. THe trillions of $ you speak of all deficit spending and has probably destroyed us. 9/11 was horrible quite small though in comparison to global terror. 4000 people died, 50,000 die on us hyways every year 200,000 die of heart attacks cancer maybe 400,000. That act terrible that it was doesn't require world domination as a response. Quit the macho bs and grow up.

    • Somehow we managed to get buy since 1950's minus vietnam, I guess you thimk that was a good idea to. Do you really think we are in iraq to fight terrorism. You can't fight terrorism anymore than you can fight hatred or greed.

    • Maybe we can step out of the stone ages and embrace stem cells and green power. I'm sure under new leadership we couldn't hope to have the wonderfull economy we have now. But maybe we won't have to send our youth to needless pain and death. AHHH to dream.

    • You're 32 years old... and you say you are going to serve? I guess you better get down to the recruiter in the morning and get on with it. Everyone that serves sacrifices something... a business, family, forgoes their education... what the f$#% is your lame excuse son?

      You said: "question this outside of your condition: you being aware of what PTSD does and or can do, would you feel comfortable with your neighbor with PTSD to be fully armed? ... i think we can both agree that knowing what we know about PTSD, the law is forward thinking for the better of the average citizens."

      I would not only feel comfortable with my neighbor being a combat vet with PTSD... I would seek him out as an ally that I would feel assured that he not only knew how to use his weapons... but that he also fully understood the implications of using them and when it was appropriate to do so. I would feel extremely uncomfortable having you, the armchair rambo, as my neighbor. You obviously know nothing about the inalienable individual liberties that are guaranteed by our Constitution. You cannot legislate away any of those rights for any reason.

      Also I'm far from a left winger... I'm a registered Republican who doesn't recognize anything about the current party that has taken my party hostage and is decimating my country as we speak. I'm going to be changing my party affiliation to the Constitutional Party and only kept my GOP affiliation to be able to vote for Ron Paul. He is the only person in Washington right now that fully understands and upholds what the Constitution really stands for. It's obvious that you are a naive young man that has no clue what it is that you say that you would go fight for... nor the history of how we obtained what we have obtained. This republic is a grand experiment that is in it's infancy... and if we choose to give up the liberty that so many have died to protect... then we deserve whatever we get. I won't give up one of those rights for even a shred of perceived safety... that would just be an illusion.

      If they want my weapons... I'll respond with the stock reply... you can come pry it out of my cold dead hand... and if they want it they better come equipped as I won't be the path of least resistance.

      Let me know how your meeting with the recruiter went.

    • Merchero wrote: "my family has a long history of serving this country... my father served in nam, my uncle in korea, my grandfather in WW2... i was too young for first gulf, and not ready for gulf2..."

      "how bout that for a Naturalized Citizen... i got brown skin and blk hair and @ times i feel there is more American blood in me than blondhaired, blue eyes outthere..."

      1. How is it that your family has a long history, going back generations, of military service but you are a Naturalized Citizen? Something doesn't add up with what you are saying.

      2. You say that you're 32 but that you weren't ready for a tour in the military and service in this war. I call absolute bull crap on this one. You were prime meat for this war and if you really believe what you are spewing out... you would have been down at the local recruiter to volunteer to go serve. I enlisted in the Marine Corps on my 17th birthday and volunteered to go to Vietnam on my 18th birthday (for which they gladly obliged me). You were older when this war broke out than I was when I'd finished 2 tours of combat duty and been discharged... how friggen ready do you need to be Mr. Chickenhawk?

    • Why would you think we should be on the same page... I am in the exact opposite position as yourself with the need to do foreign military excursions all over the globe. They are both immoral and unneeded to protect the safety of the American people. I swore and oath when I enlisted in the Marine Corps to defend this country and the Constitution against enemies, both foreign and domestic. I now believe that our most dangerous enemies are of domestic origins and that my fight to save America is to reclaim our Constitution now more than any other issue.

      I'm not afraid of an arab (supposed) terrorist as much as am of those that use them as a premise to frighten our citizens into ceding their personal liberties and Constitution rights for some perception of safety. If we allow everything that this country was built upon to be destroyed in the name of protecting us then we have lost both battles at once.

      As an example... Bush just signed legislation that takes my 2nd Amendment right to own a gun away because I served in war and have been diagnosed 30 years ago with PTSD. I'm a successful businessman, land owner and honorably discharded veteran whom has never been convicted of a crime in my life... but yet I'm now treated as equal to a convicted felon in terms of my 2nd Amendment right to bear arms in America. This is just one of a long list of liberties that have been revoked in this country and I've had it... I'll fight to get them back. I won't fight for myself - but I sure as hell will for my kids and grandkids. I'm old and the one truism about us old veterans is we can't be threatened into being afraid. I defy anyone to come to my door and try...

    • Merchero...
      Don't tell me to crawl back into my coward's hole you chickenhawk little piece of human ooze. I did 2 tours USMC in Vietnam 1968-70 and was not drafted... I volunteered to serve. You still have not answered my question about where in the hell you have served. Those that send others to do their dirty work for them are the lowest of the low that take up space on this planet.

    • MEROCHERO, you doubtless learned history in Special Ed. You are brainless.

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