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  • very_viking very_viking May 6, 2008 8:09 PM Flag

    Any thoughts on possible attackng Iran?

    You're 32 years old... and you say you are going to serve? I guess you better get down to the recruiter in the morning and get on with it. Everyone that serves sacrifices something... a business, family, forgoes their education... what the f$#% is your lame excuse son?

    You said: "question this outside of your condition: you being aware of what PTSD does and or can do, would you feel comfortable with your neighbor with PTSD to be fully armed? ... i think we can both agree that knowing what we know about PTSD, the law is forward thinking for the better of the average citizens."

    I would not only feel comfortable with my neighbor being a combat vet with PTSD... I would seek him out as an ally that I would feel assured that he not only knew how to use his weapons... but that he also fully understood the implications of using them and when it was appropriate to do so. I would feel extremely uncomfortable having you, the armchair rambo, as my neighbor. You obviously know nothing about the inalienable individual liberties that are guaranteed by our Constitution. You cannot legislate away any of those rights for any reason.

    Also I'm far from a left winger... I'm a registered Republican who doesn't recognize anything about the current party that has taken my party hostage and is decimating my country as we speak. I'm going to be changing my party affiliation to the Constitutional Party and only kept my GOP affiliation to be able to vote for Ron Paul. He is the only person in Washington right now that fully understands and upholds what the Constitution really stands for. It's obvious that you are a naive young man that has no clue what it is that you say that you would go fight for... nor the history of how we obtained what we have obtained. This republic is a grand experiment that is in it's infancy... and if we choose to give up the liberty that so many have died to protect... then we deserve whatever we get. I won't give up one of those rights for even a shred of perceived safety... that would just be an illusion.

    If they want my weapons... I'll respond with the stock reply... you can come pry it out of my cold dead hand... and if they want it they better come equipped as I won't be the path of least resistance.

    Let me know how your meeting with the recruiter went.

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