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  • Dear QID'ers,

    Surprising rally today. (At least I was surprised.) The market reacted very positively to the ADP Jobs report: Growth! Hmmm.

    CNBC is reporting that the long-running Wall Street joke, MBIA's "AAA" rating may becoming to an end. (Where will we find humor now?) Apparently, Moody's may, gasp, downgrade MBIA. That sure took some wind out of the rally.

    When the deed is done and the same for Ambac, I wonder how Wall Street will react to a trillion of "uninsured" bond debt? Hmmm.

    Promises to be an interesting summer indeed.



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    • Actually I took an early buyout on the wife. It's called a divorce. I carack me up!!!

      Life is risky, the stock market is a walk in the park. Never lost nowhere near as much money in the market as the day I signed the divorce papers.

      Can't think of any good reason to buy another when you can just take one for a demo ride when needed.

      Nope, I like my life just fine the way it is. Relationships are tough to maintain and take a lot of work (many years of experience speaking). Now I do what I want, when I want. No one objects.

    • That is correct, it is a core holding. And I added more under $29.50 today to that core. It is the type off stock I am comfortable holding for longer periods.

      Of course I am not opposed to trading in/out for quick gains either. Reduces the cost of my core holdings. In early July I get a $.46 dividend (getting close to 7% return now). I may buy one more time if it gets low enough as I normally buy 1/4 to 1/3 of what I would like to hold when I fist go in. Then if it comes down I will add to that. It is a stock I have held off/on for a while. If it gets over $35.50 then I will evaluate it and decide if I want to sell.

      Even though $.15 is not a big gain it was not acting well on the tape, so I took what I could get (and lucky I did) as it reversed course again.

      As to day trading - don't try and learn to do it over nite - ease into it. A quick trade here and there maybe to see if you feel you have a knack for it and feel comfortable doing it. Not everyone should day trade.

      Second thing - only allocate a small % of your assets to day trade with or you can rack up big losses quickly. If you lose a small % of your assets then asess if day trading is for you.

    • Why so forgot to mention the trophy wife who cooks better than rachel ray and screws like amber lynn and the kids that are in ivy leagues.

    • Not for nothing but I'm not sure I'd call that a pop (pimple maybe). ;-) You still holding a BBT core at $31.50 or did I read the boards incorrectly (yes I was browsing the boards after you mentioned BBT). If so, think it will get there anytime soon, just curious, not looking for advice? The VIX looks intriguing though I don't really have the time or money to do what amounts to daytrading (at least in my mind).

    • I have 150 kilos of gold/silver too... and a store of food to last at least 3 years (still adding to that one) and a sufficient supply of arms/ammo to try to protect it.

      The money i'm trading QID's in is in IRA's and I'm a year from being old enough to start taking it out without penalty... and when that day hits it will all be in my pocket and converted also to gold/silver. I'm hoping (but not expecting) that they keep the house of cards from collapsing until I can get it out. I'll take the penalty if it starts looking like it's coming unglued. But if we get to that point... odds are it's toilet paper anyway.

      It's insurance but not confident that it will really matter when it all comes home to roost.

    • QQQQ forms a bullish uptrend triangle, while it had a strong sell signal yesterday. Indeed, this is a very confusing market.

    • gmyaz

      You talk all day about the financials yet fail to disclose that LEH is buying back stock here and there are rumors that the biggest short in the stock is covering. So much for full disclosure.

      • 1 Reply to blash199
      • Is LEH buying back its own stock? Wow! How much? I've read articles that it was trying to raise capital. Strange. Seems the trading desk at LEH doesn't know what the finance guy's are doing. Full disclosure, I don't own LEH. Regrets that I didn't buy Put options.

        Funny, recently AIG raised $20 billion. Good for it! A couple of quarters ago it too bought its own shares.

        Methinks that LEH may have leaked a false story. It is hard to imagine that facing the greatest capital cash crunch in modern times, the smartest guy's in the room would be wasting capital.


    • WOW, another Kontrary. Guess I's better buy BBT again!!!

      so funny.

    • agree, this market is overbought considering how much trouble the banks are still in, no more rate cuts to keep the market floating higher, what to do now......DOW is headed back to new lows.

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