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  • very_viking very_viking Jun 9, 2008 10:01 AM Flag

    gmyaz & inlet_boater

    Gmyaz is the only person on this forum posting relevant and useful information on a daily basis... Inlet boater isn't an idiot... he's just myopic in his optimistic wish for the market to be ok.... which I think deep down we all are. But the truth is that this county is toast and we're heading into uncharted waters as this economy heads toward full blown collapse.

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    • Dear Viking,

      Thanks for the back up.

      If folks only want to hear happy talk their choice is extremely easy: Turn off their computer and watch CNBC. Or for that matter any "business hour" presentation by any of the major networks who cater to their advertisers.

      By contrast, if folks want to be better informed, they can use the Internet at a resource to ferret out hard to find information. Blog's are particularly interesting in this regard. A noise far from the "maddening crowd."

      I like these boards to share insights and garner the perspectives of others. Most posts are garbage, "Buy, Buy, Buy. EOM" or "Sell, Sell, Sell. EOM." (Thanks for sharing.) Sometimes, you actually run across a thoughtful message, that makes you stop and think.

      For instance, Inlet is doing excellently, by merely buying options on the VIX. In my own case, yes, I do believe that we are going to see much more volatile trading patterns ahead. Not a bad trading strategy at all. And he has done well. Power to him. (These days I have Inlet on "ignore" as he just became too tiresome.)

      Another fellow suggested that instead of buying DUG as a contrary Oil play, consider Airlines. Interesting idea. Certainly worthy of thought.

      In short, I'm happy to share perspectives and trade useful information. Hey, good luck on that short play of Apple!



    • he's just myopic in his optimistic wish for the market to be ok....

      Comment: Unlike the doom and gloomers (like Viking and GMYAZ) I claim no crystal ball to predict where the market will be a day from now, a week, a month or a year from now.

      I am always ready to take whatever trade the market seems willing to give me. Votality seems to be where the trades are recently (so I trade the VIX options which is based on votality).

      The fact I try and provide some balance to their persistent gloom and doom seems to upset these posters. There are very few posters here willing to provide that balance. They must lack confidence in their espoused beliefs if that upsets them.

      Viking you are a hoot!!! Seriously, I mean that. Sooo funny.

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      • As in any debate... I welcome the counter argument Inlet. Nothing helps drive the search for truth more than having to answer hard questions about a position that one has on anything. I've been in this game for along time and have never seen this country in any more danger than we are in right now. I've always owned my own businesses and have only worked another person once in my life... I went kng crab fishing for a few years after my return from Vietnam. That was my jump start that paid for my education and started my engineering firm many years ago. I may be an idiot as you assert but I've always been one of those creating rather than sucking. My firm has never borrowed one dime in it's history and I didn't do that by making stupid decisions.

        good luck
        your favorite idiot

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