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  • raystock48079 raystock48079 Dec 15, 2009 1:57 PM Flag

    I keep telling you not to put any trust in my post


    you never listen to me and get mad before you think I am wrong. Remember again don't read my post except you have my code book. You not reading what i am posting without it.

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    • "you never listen to me and get mad before you think I am wrong. Remember again don't read my post except you have my code book. You not reading what i am posting without it."

      Remember, never trust what raystock posts as he admitted here

    • Remember that Raystock48079 revises history to suit his bad guesses. He told you on 9/7/12 that qid would not go over $28 for ten years and within two months it went to $33 so don't believe his current bs about being right that qid is under $28

    • Always remember that Raystock is a liar and loser. After he posts a losing trade or bad guess forecast he always lies to try and hide the facts.

    • Remember, Raystock is not merely wrong more often than any other poster on yahoo message boards but is also a chronic liar as well

    • The only good advice ever posted by Raystock was to not trust what he posts. A good example of that is today as he claims that he was short aapl since it was $700 when in reality he started buying at $661.31 and averaged down on a losing position just like he did with qid. Even funnier, when we ridiculed him for buying so high he posted that he sold those shares at $700 but as is typical for Raystock he was too dumb to first check and discover that it never traded that high again after his buy.

    • We warned you not to trust what we post. You can see that we claimed to be right about aapl and qid today even though they both did what we said they would not do, qid higher and aapl lower.

      Today is a good example of how powerless we are to affect share prices. We could not keep qid below $28 or aapl above $572.30 as we posted that we would do. You just can't win following our bets.

    • We have repeatedly tried to tell you that we are liars. We simply can't own up to being constantly wrong about the market and share prices so we prefer that you think that we simply lied rather than guessed wrong

    • Remember, you can never trust anything posted by Raystock because he is the definition of a liar and loser.

      After writing on 1/1/13 that he would not post again he kept on posting.

      After posting that he was buying aapl cheap at $661.31 he then posted that it should be bought at $572.30 because it would never go lower and then posted that it should be sold at $527 and bought later at $200.00

      After posting that qid would stay under $28 all 2013 he then posted that he was taking it up tomorrow when it is already above $28

      Clearly Raystock knows nothing about stocks and the market and surely will post any lie to avoid admitting it

    • As Raystock advised, never trust what he posts because when he gets it wrong as he always does he still claims to be right and to have made money for himself or his imaginary clients.

    • Raystock forgot to post a lie about buying qid shares so he looks like and even bigger idiot and liar by claiming to have sold them today for a profit. We love to laugh at what a penniless paper trading loser and liar Raystock is.

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