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  • oilmetinman oilmetinman Jul 7, 2000 5:32 PM Flag

    solid institutional ownership

    Many analysts give the edge to Amgen because
    judges are often reluctant to overturn patents and
    because the legal standard for doing so is very

    But it left four patents and 14 claims for TKT to
    defend and the judge has already ruled that TKT
    infringed Amgen's product patent on EPO. Amgen only has to
    prevail on one claim, unless TKT can prove that Amgen's
    patent is invalid.

    Time will tell in several
    weeks. But I think Goliath will slay David in this

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    • opinions extracted from other opinions of people
      who have neither the legal nor technical skill to
      evaluate the probable outcome of this litigation. Analysts
      views are slanted by self interest, they will pay lip
      service to the giant multibillion dollar Amgen so as not
      offend them. The outcome will be based on law and facts
      not opinions based on analyst opinions. All who have
      read my past posts know by now that you can not
      disclose the cloning of 1 gene and its expression from one
      cell line and preclude all competition for a
      previously known drug for 30+ years. Amgen did not and could
      not express their product from human cells (or any
      cell line other than CHO cells) as TKTX has done,
      therefore they did not disclose it and cannot fairly claim
      the TKTX product or the process that TKTX uses to
      make it. It is really as simple as that. If AMgen's
      claims cover the TKTX product or process then they
      eventually will be held invalid. The only reason people say
      it is to close to call is because there has never
      been a case as close as this one. But I'm calling it.
      Any claim that is interpretted to cover what TKTX is
      doing will be held invalid, eventually. The only
      question for me is whether the District Court will do it
      and be affirmed by the Federal Circuit or whether the
      Federal Circuit will do it. In my opinion the claims will
      stand or fall together because they all suffer from the
      same basic problem they are not supported by a
      sufficiently broad disclosure to fairly cover TKTX's methods
      and products. The evidence I have heard of so far is
      simply getting at that point.
      Time will tell.

    • for me I'm a seller come next week. I also bought after the IPO plunged near $10 and will be happy to see the 4 fold increase in CASh and never look back. To take a profit like this is DD!