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  • shorinjimaster2002 shorinjimaster2002 Oct 4, 2003 9:58 AM Flag

    Good morning. Comments to stir the pot.


    Nothing better to do now; fishing with wifey and daughter this afternoon. Great weather in Homosassa.

    I strongly suggested VERT to the board at $1.10. Vert closed Friday at $1.35. ICGE owns 22% of VERT and networks with them. I bet Vert will get significant new business. This will help Vert and Vert stock will do VERY well. This will help ICGE.

    I predicted green Friday; before the jobs report. Up by a penny; barely made it; maybe a reversal nonetheless.

    I believe ICGE will rise at a minimum of 20% over the next two weeks and will trend up toward the quarterly report. The swaps are substantially over, all speculation on my part but corraborated by many factors that I won't list now ( ok, just a few, volume, decimal plus trading, timing relative to delisting question and the quarterly report and the debt due deadline ).

    ICGE will announce the Nasdaq approved the extension.

    ICGE will announce debt progress.

    ICGE will announce partner company progress.

    ICGE will have one of their best quarters.

    Is this an intended pump? No. I realize ICGE is not out of the woods and is priced near the expectation of bankrupcy because of the debt , the delisting question, fear of Reverse Split, and many other factors. ICGE deserves to be right where it is. Maybe that is all about to change. I am hopeful and optimistic that much will benefit current stockholders. We took major risk on every dollar gambled. It would be nice now to have a major reward.

    Good luck all.

    Disclosure: I own relatively many shares, albeit possibly a dumb move. My holding, like Uncle, is near the top of the Mutual Fund funds on ICGE. Luckily my average cost WAS in the low .20 cents range. I bought my first 6000 shares near $1.10 and then waited thank goodness. Grabed all I could at .16 and .17. Last week, I fell off the wagon and added about 10% at .44. Uncle and I have a fettish and sickness for ICGE. Are we crazy? Absolutely yes. Will it affect either of our lifestlye's? No. No reason to worry but we both watch this with great interest for obvious reasons.

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    • the problem with most people is they look at things through rose colored glasses. there is no real economic recovery occurring. wake up people. the administration has an agenda and that is to flood the system with liquidity which has done nothing but produce bubbles in paper assets and real estate. the day of economic collapse must happen. it seems as though the fed knows this will happen but will let it bleed slowly as to not cause the collapse of major institutions. most nasdung companies will not exist in 5-10 years. this dung and the rest of the stincubators have not got a prayer. human behavior is slow to change but eventually the reality hits and equities will be sold indiscriminantly.

    • tech:

      I'll concede I was wrong the first time around, and I tip my hat to you for acknowledging your recent errors. What's your excuse? I was younger then and tended to fly by the seat of my pants. Now I am older and can't afford to fly anymore... jad

    • we disagreed on ICGE and the market overall 2001-2003. You say the market is rising in reasonable progression of economic indicators and the economic recovery. I say it is running far in excess of that. We will find out who is right and wrong, just as we did in 2001 and 2002 and 2003. I have certainly been more wrong than right for the past 9 months just as you were in the prior 2 and a quarter years.

    • sell:

      The unemployment numbers turned things around last week. While we oughtn't put too much faith in them until we see 3-4 months of progressive gains, it was welcome news.

      True, there will be some good earnings reports this fall, but there also have been some warnings of earnings drops in early 2004 by some of the very same companies.

      Wish you joy of your gains...jad

    • tech:

      Please don't twist what I say. Breathing in and out is a metaphor for the whole history of the market, and markets everywhere since the first seashell was accepted as currency.
      The bubble was an excess within the metaphor.

      I do disagree with you wholeheartedly that we are in a mini-bubble. First of all, there is no such thing as a mini-bubble. A bubble is far grander phenomenon that rarely occurs. It is a tidal wave which overwhelms normal reason, that gathers strength from the sight of people all around us making huge profits in short period of time.

      As for your prediction that the Nasdaq will see 1400-1600 again, who can argue it won't happen. Never say never, my friend. But just when do we see this event? As a mtter of probability for the next year or so, you are currently on the losing side of the question. That is to say the index is rising on both economic indicators and expectation of economic recovery, and it won't go back down anytime soon unless one or the other of those forces stumbles. Will they?...jad

    • post, so long as earnings are growing, why fight the trend. The question is how big is the trend and how much are earnings growing. You say they're growing "great." Really? Care to back that up? In fact, overall, earnings are barely growing. The market is discounting a blast-off recovery. So far, the evidence isn't there.

    • market is acting perfectly reasonably, discounting appropriately the fundamental improvements. Based on almost any historic measure, that is false. While the size of this speculative bubble is small compared to 1999-2000, it is a bubble nevertheless. And pleaser don't tell me 1999-2000 was just "breathing out and breathing in." It was the greatest speculative mania in the history of the stock market. And frankly I didn't think it was possible to have another speculative run so soon afterward. But it's obvious the flood of new PC-equipped investors and day traders have changed everything and learned very little. Get ready for 1400-1600 again, my friend. Maybe from here, maybe soon or maybe from 2500 next year. But it WILL happen.

    • sell:

      October is supposed to be a weak month. I suspect a lot of investors are hoping to get the apples of their eye on the traditional weakness, but the risk for them is that October won't conform to the old bugaboo. It has happened before... I think that may give us an exceptional October...jad

    • tech:

      >>>March is still in full force. The question we must ask ourselves, however, is whether the rally is built on fundamentals or speculation.<<<

      Strange question coming from you. The answer is obviously BOTH. Ah, but it is a rhetorical question, and here is your answer:

      >>>While fundamentals have improved modestly, it is clear from the statistics...that the bulk of this rally is being carried by rank speculation.<<<

      You could say the market is in the process of discounting the recovery. When it is in full bloom, it will be too late for most investors to get in on the really big moves. Hence, the speculation. This is almost natural law unfolding.

      >>>A mini-bubble. I have no clue how high it will go or when it will end. But I damn sure know HOW it will end.<<<

      No. Not a mini bubble. The market is too wary for that and, anyway, some of the survivors have a real shot at becoming going concerns...

      How will it end? Tech, you know the answer to that. How does it always end? The economy breathes in, breathes out... It goes up until the law of gravity exerts itself...fact is, people run out of juice and get tired of buying TVs and's an old story...jad

    • tech:

      If God came down and said buy gold against all that says don't, people will buy it and it will do well. If Greenspan loses his marbles and comes out tomorrow saying the economy is starting to boom, the markets will react accordingly. There are enough sheep in the market to make every prophesy self-fulfilling. But there are also enough cold calculating commentators to put a hurt on any vacuous prediction. Remember the Barron's reporter who triggered the collapse. The bubble's demise was inevitable, but it proves that there were some observers who were not taken in....jad

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