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  • technic47 technic47 Oct 7, 2003 9:52 PM Flag

    think of icge as a company that

    cash or anywhere near it. They had about $60M on 8/7/03 of which $3M was restricted, per the CC that day. My guess is they'll show about $40M at the next CC in early Nov. minus however much they've spent on buying back debt, which I suspect is not very much.

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    • why didn't any of the strong buy people ever correct me. they could at least correct any of the bashing i do.

    • i wonder how many of the strong buy people have lost money on icge and they want payback by telling unsuspecting people to buy icge so they won't feel stupid by themselves. The penny stock pimps suck!I doubt all of the strong buy people actually know anything about the company.

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      • djchappe:

        >>>I doubt all of the strong buy people actually know anything about the company.<<<

        Your doubts are probably well founded, but your understanding of what is going on here is suspect. With the exception of a couple of very knowledgeable longs, this is momo country. Most of the folks here are waiting for the next runup. You can't scare them away with horror stories about debt and BK. As soon as a good pretext arises for claiming the company is on the move, "they will come." The stock will suddenly start to run and people will rush to catch the bus, further fueling the run. Up and up it will go, and then suddenly the first in will sell out and move on. Others with a sharp eye will see the end and follow. Down and down it will go, a little at a time, until only the inevitable bagholders who got stranded remain. You may consider these people fools, but they can good money doing it. Isn't that the object of the market? So, do yourself a favor and ease back. Ignor the rah,rah... Go after the pure liars and distorters...jad