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  • r42014 r42014 Oct 15, 2003 6:35 PM Flag

    ICGE and its Future

    Revenue of 24 million dollars per Q should not be taken lightly. Although the balance sheet does not look good as of now, the current revenue level proves that the investment of ICGE has a lot more significance than some people think. For a company to generate that much of revenue has a lot of potential and it proves the investment concept in Internet Technologies is working more than fine.

    Granted that the company has invested in companies over years and I believe that more revenue will be collected over the horizon of years ahead.

    The economy inevitably will grow based on Innovations and Leadership and I believe that ICGE is among the pioneers and well-positioned to move proactively and responsibly.
    We've witnessed that the birth of Internet Technologies in a relatively short amount of time and the fluctuation in market we've witneesed is needed for the next great leap in changing our lifestyle in general.

    We all know that the internet will evolve and make our life easier and narrow the cultural and geographical gaps between people and countries.

    You may ask a simple question to yourself and step back and re-evaluate the true value of ICGE. I stronly believe that regardless of market reaction in short period of time, ICGE is definately a good investment.


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