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  • johnnydrama2011 johnnydrama2011 Aug 19, 2011 5:45 PM Flag

    fester and boogie explained to you geese!!!

    that you own a stincubator in other words worhtless toilet tissue. i'm surprised this dung is still listed. i mean seriously guys do you dream day and night of this hog.when you can't sleep at night do you count toilet paper instead of sheep? geez my flock try and bide your time in other ways. go for a beer buy a hot dog play catch wit hthe dog maybe shoot some pool maybe drive your ford f-150 pickup truck clean your bathroom floor or toilet paper your bathroom walls with these worhtless scertificates fester and boogie warned me this could happen if a stincubaOTR CROSSES MY MIND AND BY GOLLY I AM ABOUT TO HAVE AN ATTACK boogie you were right oh my geese oh my i am roaring already and cramping up my sides are aching my lips are twitching geeese oh my i am about to roll out onto the floor oh god geese oh god