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  • busy26795 busy26795 Jan 3, 2013 10:15 AM Flag

    Cramer having CEO on tonight..Cramer Prefers CQP to LNG

    Cramer having CEO on tonight..Cramer Prefers CQP to LNG

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    • seems Souki likes to go on Mad Money, pumping the stock so they can raise more funds. I'd guess in next 30 days a secondary is announced for trains 3,4 or 5. Not a bad thing, but trade cautiously.

    • We have been in $LNG for over a year, and noting that CQP had been under performing over the last few quarters. Our read it part of this was fears on how tax changes might hit MLPs. We had lightened our LNG exposure some just ahead of the cliff. In the last two sessions, have been adding back but via $CQP.

      Now racing across the MA(40)w and the MA(200)d. A close above $22.52 would be huge for $CQP. And Cramerica tonight just may make the technicals look amazing.

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        Cramer's Six in 60: Buy Cisco Upgrade
        Thu 03 Jan 13 | 09:55 AM ET
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        tully's coffee. an action-packed show ahead. six stocks in 60 seconds. their als drug did fail a great company. talk about a couple of home builders. now upgrades a little bit late but one of the impetus behind the group going up. an upgrade for cisco systems. i think this is important. i think cisco doing better than people think. taken a lot of share from june per. priceline, another upgrade on a stock that's had a gigantic run. wow, i mean this stock, i got to tell you can the last darling standing. if william shatner didn't sell, he is a really rich guy. huntsman, hun. at this time. o too, it had been coming down in price, saying it could stabilize. disaster du jour. cfo left right there. you know what ask herb greenberg, all you need to know. a biotech but a data story. what you got on mad money? one of my absolute favorite guests, charisse suing kirk sharon enerson made a great point, so much natural gas in this country we should export t $3 natural gas, a visionary, love him on the show. saying we burn off natural gas than we use. i just think this man has a vision and he is gonna pull it off and he is hiring more people than almost anybody in the country. i would like to know fess having trouble hiring, we are heard about that, lack of skills up in north dakota. and how do you pro-news that? one of those names? cheniere. shen near. I actually the like the master limited partnershop better that's cqp
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      • That is exactly why CQP has sold off. All the MLPs sold off on Fiscal Cliff worries. Now that the dividend tax worries are over CQP and all the MLPs are going to become a safe haven again.

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