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  • longtimefollower longtimefollower Jul 18, 2013 7:17 PM Flag

    Stock is soaring...but message board is dead??!


    This Russell 3000 addition seems to really have gotten TECUA some much deserved attention.

    Still holding a very large position here. Remember in the Value Investor Insight article, fund manager Scott Barbee, a large holder here, thinks the stock could eventually be worth $40. Not overnight, of course. But eventually, based upon future estimated EBITA margins and sales.

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    • Yes

      But of course much better than if the reverse were the case---an active message board
      (possibly containing considerable non-helpful content) and a moribund stock..

      I am sure that your Tecumseh expertise and insight has been helpful to many-
      --appreciated by me and I am sure by others----thank you.

      I too hold a large position in this stock ---accumulated over the last twelve months.
      It would seem that the stock has a good chance to gradually grind its
      way into the high teens---low twenties over the next 12-24 months---
      perhaps considerably higher after that.

      New directors should be a major plus---

      A sale of the Brazil foundry and/or the excess land in India would have a
      salutary impact near term---From the last conference call it would appear
      that the Brazil foundry sale would come first---

      Although the U.S dollar has been strong,. lower commodity prices should be having
      more than an offsetting impact. Second quarter reported results and the
      upcoming conference call should be interesting and positive.