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  • spencermurraygaunt spencermurraygaunt Dec 16, 2011 10:17 AM Flag

    Just Won't Stay Down

    SG is acting like it doesn't like the 1.10 level at all. We're now back in between the major moving averages on very low volume.

    Don't wait too long to buy my friends. Because buying shares too high is not as bad as missing out entirely. I have stink bids in for calls on NGD, SVM and AUQ. The smart money realizes what's happening and is loading up on the favorites regardless of what the pundits say. That includes SG and SME.

    There is no guaruntee that we will see below $1 again. Don't speculate too hard.

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    • On COLUF.PK, I'm not aware of any lawsuits. They have an agreement with the govt of brasil at 25% they should be produceing by the end of 2112. Management is strong its Gold, Plat and paladium all together. Think gold cost factor (negative). The numbers are world class. This is from a old mine from the old Brasilian run years ago. I will confirm if any bad news. To this point management has money and the warrants are 8.25. Currently listed below 6.00.
      Another source is the BBC library with company structure.


    • Thanks for your input, Shiny. I owned some Petrobank (PBEGF.PK) in a Roth IRA. Last December 31 when a dividend in the form of Petrominerales (PMGLF.PK) shares was paid, it was treated very differently for Canadian accounts vs USA taxable accounts vs USA non-taxable accounts.

      I have sympathy for those who owned PBEGF in a USA taxable account, had to pay the tax, and still own those PMGLF shares which have lost more than half their value since then. :(

    • Trin, the Roth IRA is tax free so should be exempt. An IRA is exempt from special taxes and only taxed on current rates when you do withdrawals. So you should be good. However I would verify that as this stuff gets sticky. I myself was investing in CEF which is PCIF in Canada. I no longer invest in CEF. Also you must be careful with LLC companies. Lots of small Oilers are LLC. This causes tax issues as I found out from my accountant.

      ~ Shiny

    • PEARLS are a girls best friend. :-}

    • This is a great board, Everyone seems to try to help one another.
      My only suggestion has been to read info on the Bullion Bulls Canada and read the article/book posted there "silver stealers". My personal finances are VERY limited. But checking out advice from "spence ,SO, TC your advice has always been to help.
      One company that I see as a great buy and suggest after your own DD- COLUF.PK go to the company site and look at those assays.
      To me it was a deal at 8.00.Buy and hold this one (it's quiet and you'll soon see why). No pump just want to share and give you all what little I can. You/we all have something in common, we just want to help one another succeed in a manipulated market.

      Good Luck

    • You can get whipsawed on pink sheets, If your a trader its hard to do sometimes. If you are planning on holding onto the stock for a few years because you believe in the management, and feel your investment may 5-10 fold in 3-5 years, then do not worry about a few pennies, at that point you are getting greedy and may end paying more. Just my opinion. I am in at 1.29 and would love 1.20 or so, but you never buy at the exact bottom, if this stock dips to $1 or below then i will add some more and bring my dollar cost average down. good lucck

    • That could have been warrants exercised. Not sure though. I have noticed these types of things many times with TSX stocks. Not happy about it either. But "what can you do". I will be so happy when they are on the NYSE.

      ~ Shiny

    • I'm not urging anyone to be too eager, but if a good price presents, take it. Instead of saving all the dry powder for a predetermined price, layer in with purchases.

      That way you can cost average your purchases and still make sure you participate in buying at low prices.

    • THANK YOU Spence. I agree 100%, have been trying to convince our man JB of the same thing. I would gladly sell him some OTC $1 puts on this stock :)

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      • Mark, thanks for your concern. I'm as happy about the share price as anyone. I bought 10K shares @ 0.96. I'm in no hurry and think there will be more opportunity if the dollar continues to have some strength. When I see gold break 1650 or 1550 I'll be a buyer again. It's good to see SG move up with low volume. The stock is showing strength but I'm waiting a while to see how things turn out before I make another large buy but that doesn't mean I'm not happy with my present position. It's good to see everyone doing so well. Good luck to you all. JB

    • gold hit it lows @ 1525. good news for sndxf so I'm buying today trying for $1.23. so far no luck....good luck for your buys....

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