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  • BumbleB572 BumbleB572 Dec 29, 2011 12:35 PM Flag

    Don't get scared out of your positions

    The only problem with your analogy JB is that the TV will not quadruple your value in 5 years or so if not do more, so i think people would rather be in the game rather then miss their chance to play by waiting for a steeper discount. I think if the stock is at 10-15 dollars i do not think anyone will care if they spent 1.25 a share or .95 cents either way you win. If the long term prospects can be huge why wait? Now I am in now probably higher then i wanted looking at it now. I am in at 1.26. I am willingly to add more if it does drop, but if not then ohh well i make out when it goes up with what i already have. Good luck JB.

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    • Bumble, I think your in a great position @ 1.26 and you will no doubt make a great deal of money owning this company at that price.

      I already have a good amount @ .96 but my point was if I use your numbers of 1.25 or .95 if I'm looking to invest another $10K the difference is @ .95 my 10K buys me over 2500 more shares for the same amount invested.
      Now look down the road and 2500 extra shares equals a lot of money.
      I'm not saying we will drop to .95 I'm just saying I'm in an accumulation mode at this point.
      I will start buying (if I get the chance) @ 1.10 and continue until we stop moving down and maybe a little on the way back up.
      We all have a great opportunity with the sisters.GLTA. JB