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  • trin2learn trin2learn Jan 5, 2012 10:33 PM Flag

    SG vs SME Shareholdings

    Each member of this board has his/her reason to be interested in the "Sisters", their own time-horizon, comfort level of relative risk, etc. Many of you already have positions in both, and likely have a plan for maintaining a balance between the two stocks.

    One plan could be to accumulate roughly the same number of shares of each, while another could be to accumulate roughly the same dollar value of each. With a time horizon of 5-10 years, I am leaning toward something in-between, perhaps $2 of SG for every $1 of SME. I am at the very early accumulation stage, so shifting the balance would be easy. I would like to hear your thoughts on the subject. TIA, Trin.

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    • Z, Thanks so much for this perspective. Very insightful. I do not own FNV as yet. I would want a lower price. I am targeting more SG and SME. I do own a bit of AXU and may infact swap that for SLW as I prefer SLW's diversity.

      My favorite pure silver miners are AG and FSM.

      Have a great week Z.

      ~ Shiny

    • I'm not in the financial position to continue accumulation at this time, but that also gives me plenty of time to formulate my future accumulation plan.

      I am currently planning to make the sisters around 50% of my future holdings. Likely with a slight skew towards SME(their purchase agreements are spectacular). I believe in both of these companies and the management team. I know the timeless principles of investing(diversification), but I also feel that these are two companies the likes of which presents a once in a lifetime opportunity. I plan on swinging for the fences and hopefully riding these two gems for a long time.

      I hope to become a very large shareholder in both via consistent accumulation and eventually some trading.

    • T2

      I'm with JB.

      Like you mentioned it's your level of risk tolerance and what one feels is best suited for their own portfolios.

      What I'm doing is building both up with a equal number of shares as my core holdings, then later on this year my plan is to go 3/1 SME/SG. After I have a really happy amount, I will accelerate my total holdings by trading 1k shares of each to further build my core and trading positions.

      But, IMO there is no right or wrong way as far as share count, it's what makes you happy and comfortable. I'm just trying to take advantage of these ultra low share prices while they are available. :)

    • Trin2learn, I personally buy in dollar amounts rather than share amounts. You decide what percentage of your total portfolio you want to invest in precious metals. If you feel strong about that sector and you have 10K to invest, you may decide to allocate 25% of your money. If you are only buying the sisters I would buy $1250 of each.
      You may own 1000 shares of SG and 3000 shares of SME but your portfolio is balanced.
      This is only if you have a long term outlook 5-10years. For a shorter time span you may want more SG than SME because it's further down the road than SME and you should have more action good or bad.
      I think SME has a very good chance of being the big sister as time allows it to grow and you get some diversification with copper, oil Nat Gas and coal, all commodities we can't live without. That can't be said for gold. You would be very happy in 10 years if you owned 3x as many shares in SME for the same amount of money you have in gold.

      This is just my opinion and as you said everyone has a different outlook. In the long run equal amounts of cash rather than shares is the best way to balance your portfolio of investments as it's not the number of shares you have it's the amount of money you invest. Good luck with whatever you choose. JB

    • either way you cannot go wrong. I do not own Sandstorm metals yet, but plan on buying some. I do own some sandstorm gold. However, my New Years Resolution is to buy more SG and start a position in SME this year as well. Good luck to you i believe in 5 years you will be more than happy with your purchases.