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  • BumbleB572 BumbleB572 Jan 26, 2012 12:19 PM Flag

    Why ar investor's selling here?

    Jb, with the recent range up until yesterday's small breakthrough I think what we are seeing is accumulation with some traders trying to get in and out. I just do not understand like you why someone would sell this stock as well. All the signs of this stock point to a much higher price down the road.

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    • I personally am long SNDXF and consider myself an owner of this company with a growing stake. I also have traded SNDXF with separate shares designated to trade but I wouldn't want to be selling here unless I really needed the money. We have gold moving in the right direction and a great 4q announcement coming which should move SNDXF to 1.60. Why shoot yourself in the foot @ 1.35. Everyone thinks different but it still baffles me but then again a lot of things do. JB

    • You have to understand that lots of people buy shares on margin or use futures and other kind of derivatives. In case you under estimate the risks involved, you can get hurt when stocks in your portfolio go the other direction. In such case people will have to cover and/or raise cash by closing other positions, of which Sandstorm can be one, even although they have the opinion it will do fine.... Take advantage of such moments by grabbing them at discounted prices...