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  • spencermurraygaunt spencermurraygaunt Mar 6, 2012 9:55 AM Flag

    Finally...Time to Buy Back

    I'm really glad me and mine sold shares into the top. Time to buy back under 1.55. Gobble it up folks. This is a blessing indeed.

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    • Nice play Spencer. Was not able to sell any but did manage to buy some for a trade account to sell in the future.

    • I would not put bids in right away, as the technical picture for both gold and silver, are damaged. It is better to wait till somewhere down the line some support is found and retested !

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      • Definitely agree, Unlimited! Just wrote on another msg board that I'm not buying any more stocks, until a low is found & it bounces off. A headline that a deal is made in Europe, could cause at least a temporary bounce up again. But saw a seasonality chart for gold on Kitco that showed:

        Mid-Jan to Mid-Feb uptrend, Mid-Feb to Mid-March weakness. Mid-March to End-March uptrend, April sideways, May up. So despite headlines, this timeframe is normally a weaker period for PMs, anyway. Season-wise this downtrend could last all week & part of next week, unless a euphoric reaction happens w. a deal in Greece/Europe.

      • Unlimited, I respectfully disagree with the idea of holding bids at this point. I think the risk/reward for SG shares is spectacular around 1.50, even if gold goes a little lower. I also don't see this recent drop in the metals as causing damage to the overall trend. Gold looks especially good to me where it currently stands. Looks like consolidation and nothing more.

        My newsletter readers and I are loading if we come anywhere near 1.50 again this week.

      • totally agree, the stock will go down more. It has support at the 50 day at around $1.45 and right below that both 100 day and 200 day at around $1.35. The RSI is far from oversold, the MACD likewise. GLD, on the daily chart still has room to go down, and the 60 min chart, the RSI is below 25 but still not heading up. I would rather buy on the way up than taking a change on the way down, even if I give up a few points.

    • Agree with the sentiment, but still hoping and feeling like we might see slightly lower prices.

    • when will you buy back in after you sold a while back? would like to know @ what price you are looking for.. I would like to buy so what is a good entry price?

    • I am not a trader. I do not read charts, and do TA but just looking at the fundamentals and mgmt team I would buy now or on any pull backs and hold long term. The key to this stock as is with any other stock is good management and I honestly believe SNDXF has a very good team and i am banking on that team with a high percentage of my portfolio.

    • A week from now when they release results followed by the AGM one would think you should be locked and loaded. This stock is carefully timed so once it crosses the $2.00 mark I don't think it will ever look back. I would imagine that there will be a lot of pressure to get it up to the US listing requirements. My guess would be Sept. to catch the fall season. Good size blocks of the warrants (75,000) are being sold at the ask $1,19. If gold stays green prepare for launch. This has been consistently good for more than a year now, as they used to say in the old country"As good as gold".

    • Mick, just to add to what Shiny has said, look for a correction in the price of gold for your best entry point in SNDXF. In the past when gold has dropped quickly (10%), margin calls seem to flip the switch for all of the trailing stops and when you have a basket of PM's they all seem to drop together.
      I started off in the 140's and bought down to 0.96 and all the way back up with my last buy @ 1.64. I was trading this stock but in the end it only cost me money. If I would have just kept every share I ever bought I would have done much better.
      If you are buying and you are looking to hold for a long term investment then I would be buying as much as you can under $2.00. We may pullback from time to time but long term under 2.00 will be a great investment in this company. I have a good size position in this company and I'm adding with every announcement of future streams. Good luck to you.JB

    • JB, Couldn't agree more. Had I kept my original shares I would have done better. Now I am building a strong position based on pullbacks like the one we had 1.60. where I doubled up. Should we slide below 1.40-1.45 I would double up again.

      That being said I have to ease out of Brigus (BRD). I believe they may be in trouble and I have substantial holdings there. The situation is touch and go so I may have to book losses on that.

      BTW: Miners are like a "flock of geese" in terms of movement and as "BOAT" says sometimes one of them gets sick. Thats Brigus.

      ~ Shiny

    • I want to append one statement I made. I would probably "HOLD" onto SG and SME during the next downdraft. Go to Cash and Inverse ETF's and load the truck when the cycle begins to revert. I am in agreement with JB.

      ~ Shiny

    • Thanks, I concur with Greece and the EU. Last week I picked up some more of SG at what I thought was a "stink bid" of 1.645. Was going to lower the price as I was online when it hit 1.48 but it was too fast for me. This purchase drained most of my cash holdings. Right now I have a sell at 1.82 and will replenish my cash. And put in another stink bid. This is all done with extra shares or trading shares (as JB calls them). This is a great board with a lot of knowledge. It is my hope we can pinpoint an exit strategy based on the items shiny has mentioned as well as others. I am very comfortable with the two sisters, as I have mentioned before I am about 4:1 with SME, (mostly due to cost and my belief in five years when Nat gas turns SME may have more options on streams). IF A COMFORTABLE EXIT point can be determined and we are able to go to cash and buy back, thats what I am looking for. I would guess we would all be in favor of that. There is no doubt that with the knowledge on this board we may be able to determine such a point. As always GLTA

      PS: To my girl TC, If you could please refresh your "vibes" on the UNCW vs JMU series. If we do not get something done today it will be a sweep... Oh my!

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