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  • BumbleB572 BumbleB572 Mar 21, 2012 10:51 AM Flag

    Welcome $2.00

    Yeah but I would rather go NYSE than AMEX. I do not think Nolan would go AMEX and then look to upgrade again to NYSE, Hopefully just go right to NYSE.

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    • BB...NW made it clear in the last conference call that the near term goal was to get an Amex listing, with the possibility of going to the NYSE later on. I would not expect this imminently though. Sandstorm is clearly in no hurry to get uplisted, it is far better to wait a bit too long than to make the move too early. It will happen in time, my guess is conditions will be most favorable late this year or perhaps early 2013, which is in fact what management has repeatedly indicated. Look for the sp to be well above $3, the gold price stable or climbing, another couple of solid streams in the mix, and earnings and market visibility soaring.

      So far we are still coming up to fair valuation, which should be entirely expected by anyone who has done their DD. The real action will happen when gold stocks come back into favor generally and earnings start to not only meet, but greatly exceed expectations.


    • I am excited about this stock. I have a lot already invested. Do you think it will dip again or do you think we have seen the end of the $1.70's. I bought Silver Wheaton at $8 and have bought and sold that for a few years. I want to get some more of SG but not sure if there will be a dip or not.