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  • johnfox188 johnfox188 May 13, 2012 9:35 AM Flag

    This crazy stock has done nothing but go down

    Hey Zen, fact is that on May 2 a week before the 5 to 1 split was $1.93 per share..that is equal to $9.65 post the price is $8.36, over 13% below its May 2 pre-split price....all this manipulation of numbers has done nothing for the share should be about running the business and not wasting their time messing with number games.

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    • JohnFox, You are blowing smoke. Short term movements don't mean very much to long term investors. SNDXD is down not because of the share consolidation but because of the weakness in gold, most commodities, and recent market weakness. You fail to state that SNDXD is +39.3% YTD (6 to 8.36), which equates to +104.8% annualized. At that rate, Sandstorm Gold (with its new trading symbol) could finish the year at 12.29. If you three choices, to be long, short, or out of SNDXD till the end of the year, what would you do? Remember, you can only make one decision until Jan 2013. What is your call? I'll go on record and stay long with a YE prediction of 10.87 (+30% from the current price). This based on a very good Q2 report compared to 2Q11, at least one more streaming announcement, and an Amex listing by October which will lead to more visibility, research, and recommendations. It make take till Sep-Oct for gold to recover and take out 1700, but when it does and there is more interest in gold equities, SNDXD (or whatever the new symbol is) will be a major winner. Mid September is only four months away. I have converted about 90% of my gold equity holdings into SNDXD stock based on the superb intermediate to longer term outlook, much less risk, superior business model, and excellent management. If you find a better stock anywhere, go for it. I'll keep up to half of my holdings (25% for managed accounts) in SNDXD and the other half in STTYF and energy (mostly oily) stocks. (Since I/we cruise a lot and do not want to follow all day-to-day movements, SNDXD is a great holding because I know it is based on excellent fundamentals and will, over time, work its way HIGHER. OT: May consider a flier with a little Thunderbird Energy in the .09-.10 area. If nat gas gets back to 3-4 soon enough, Thunderbird and STTYF should do fine. Disclosure: Long SNDXD, SNXXF, and STTYF.