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  • town_and_country_clothing town_and_country_clothing May 13, 2012 1:21 PM Flag

    This crazy stock has done nothing but go down

    Thanks Unlimited, but I cut my teeth so to speak on PCX after the 2008 financial crash. I made a tidy profit when I sold, but I also learned quite a bit there as well. I'll just say that it was a very bumpy year. However, I'll sometimes swing trade it now, but I would never suggest anyone fall in love or plan to go long on that pile of you know what company.

    BTU, actually spun out PCX because of its assets and the legacy contracts.

    The one coal play that I have a small stake in, but currently out of is CDY and not sure if I'll hop back into it.

    I thought maybe I had seen Deni before on the PCX mb.