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  • johnfox188 johnfox188 May 19, 2012 12:17 PM Flag


    Hey Top, the numbers for really look very good..are you buying any at this price?...the stock has fallen 42% from its yearly high of $3.17...may be a good time to nibble..what think ye?

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    • I some at $2.26 or so. They had just announced Q4 results, and delivered a bunch of metal to Sandstorm. Then the price of precious metals got raided, and Silvercrest's stock price dropped significantly, and I bought a bunch more at around $1.65.

      They have just gotten their mine going, and are delivering metal, and making money. They've spent plenty of time exploring, building their mine, and getting permits. Now, that the money is just starting to roll in, the market has not yet reacted to this undervalued stock. Volume is light, and this stock isn't on anyone's radar. I think that in a few quarters, we'll see a significant appreciation in stock price.

      To be frank, I was amazed that I was able to get in around $1.65, and view it as a gift. There is still a significant upside to this stock.

      By the way, even though the name is Silvercrest Mines, they currently make most of their money from gold sales (as silver is still very undervalued).

      To me, being a Sandstorm investor, has the further benefit of highlighting opportunities in up-and-comming mining stocks.

      Good Luck