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  • jbwalsh231 jbwalsh231 May 26, 2012 7:46 AM Flag

    11months, no streams, what's up?

    Am I the only one frustrated by the lack of significant news of any new streaming contracts? I know this has been said many times but so has, "We have more opportunities than ever knocking at our door".
    I'd love to hear something from management explaining what the reasons are for the long dry spell.
    If it's not opportunity or the ability to finance these deals then what is it? I just expected more in the past 11 months than two small royalty deals a couple of weeks ago. Anyone else feeling the same way? Love the company, dislike the lack of activity.JB

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    • Am I the only one frustrated by the lack of significant news of any new streaming contracts<<

      No, you are probably one of the few that have the guts to talk about your frustrations...most on this board want to be nicy, nice and and feel that it is beneath them to air their frustrations..this stock is not the Holy Grail but most here treat it as such...diversify and do not fall in love with any one stock..remember, we are not on the inside making the day to day decisions but we are investors at a distance trying to make a buck off of the people that make those decisions.

    • Well at least the board is again talking about Sandstorm Gold and not the John Fox personal blog. I am not too concerned about SG not making any streaming deals just yet. I'm pretty sure things will happen when it is right for Sandstorm. I can see signing the UG for Santa Elena with SilverCrest. Sandstorm has the right to sign this deal for 20% of the cost for UG buildout. I'm sure they are doing their DD on this. This is from the Silvercrest financial report.

      "On May 14, 2009, the Company entered into a definitive Purchase Agreement with Sandstorm Gold Ltd. under which the Company’s
      wholly-owned Mexican subsidiary, Nusantara de Mexico S.A. de C.V., agreed to sell 20% of future gold production from the Santa Elena
      Project to Sandstorm in exchange for an Upfront Deposit of $12,000,000. The agreement also provides for ongoing per-ounce payments
      by Sandstorm equal to the lesser of $350 and the prevailing spot gold market price upon delivery of gold. The per ounce price of $350 is
      subject to an increase of 1% per annum commencing on the 3rd anniversary of the date the Santa Elena Project begins commercial
      If the Company decides to develop an underground mine on the Santa Elena Project, Sandstorm has the right to purchase 20% of the gold
      from the underground mine at a per ounce price equal to the lesser of $450 and the prevailing spot gold market price, subject to an
      increase of 1% per annum beginning on the 3rd anniversary from the date the underground mine begins commercial production. In
      exchange, Sandstorm will pay for 20% of the capital expenditures incurred, related to the gold stream, to determine the economic
      viability and to construct the underground mine and mill facilities."

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      • Kevin, thanks for the reply. I wrote this to try to redirect the present BS that is ongoing on this once productive board that has turned into just another playground for children. It's too bad. We had regulars like TC,Z,Shiny,DG,Trin,Unlimited,Raise and many more that haven't been posting much and I'm sure it's for the same reasons. If any of those mentioned or others want to start a private blog for serious investors for SNDXD please let me know. Sharing important information and ideas can help us all financially but who wants to sift through all this garbage day after day.
        I'm not sure why anyone would respond to some of these posters. If you just stop responding they will eventually go away.
        To those mentioned and those I forgot to mention feel free to contact me at Thanks.JB

    • JB, Just relax and play some golf...or something. First, I thought you would be thrilled with the recent Magellan deal. Nolan talked on the last CC about looking at deal ranging from $8 million to in the $150 million area. Well, he did the $8 million deal which was very prudent. Less than 3 month's cash flow to get a foot in the door on two projects. Read, study the press release. Sandstorm now has exclusive first right of refusal for streaming on two projects (one that is potentially large). IMO, Magellan will need a fair amount of cash. Nolan and company will strike at the right time. The right time is when one or more companies have a good to great project and really need the funds. I like the company even if there are no new deals for two years. That way I don't get disappointed. If they get 1-3 more this year and 1-3 next year, that is ever better. I'm just going to relax, travel, play a lot of golf, and (yes) buy more SNDXD and (some) STTYF every month.

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      • True, but take a look at the most recent Sandstorm presentations. Both Sandstorms have been far cheaper than the other royalty firms compared on EV/CashFlow metrics, but that advantage is completely gone. After the Royal Coal disaster at SME, also NovaDX and Terrex seem to have quite some problems now, while SG, so far so good, definitely needs to find some destination for its cash.

        I have always been one of the most optimistic posters on this board, and in fact still am, but I have to admit that I am happy I diversified, as I remember lots of posters wondering why some people invest in juniors and/or the other royalty firms as both sisters were a far better choice.

    • I agree JB, this has taken very long. First I thought they simply had not enough cash at hand to make some more deals. Then a few months later, cash was starting to come in and on top of that the revolving fund was announced, so that excuse is from the table now. Recently they mentioned that they were busier then ever and extremely picky as they have lots of deals to choose from.....Franco Nevada, Royal Gold and Silver Wheaton are not announcing lots of deals neither. You perhaps could share your concerns with Denver...