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  • nxlapp2 nxlapp2 Oct 17, 2003 2:31 PM Flag

    seems like some tricks recently

    I observed this stock for a while. Although the performence of this company is extremely well and definitely will be better, the price dropped a lot in the past days. The volume for each transaction is 100-500. Each time a new low bid price appears, someone will feed with 100-500 shares. Then the new ask price follows. This pattern appeared many times in this week. It seems like someone is trying hard to pull the price back. It is so hard to understand that unless someone is accumulating this stock. All are personal opinons.

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    • I agree with you that the performence of this company is extremely well, but this stock is just good for long term. I know they have been doing very good on their sale since April, 2003. They have more customers from European and Asia.
      They're keep hiring more employees. They obtaind the approval from FDA. Based on those infs I know so far ... I think this stock easy hits 10 bucks by this end of this end...
      The only thing I am disappointed is there is someone out there are trying to manipulate this stock.
      Any discussions will be appreciated.