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  • peristentone peristentone Jun 29, 2013 2:42 AM Flag

    2014 Revenue Estimate?

    I'm seeing 2014 revenue estimates here of around $1B, which is a massive increase over the current run rate. In what quarter should those increases start to show? Which field(s) are expected to increase revenues this substantially? I see they are spending massively on capex to support this revenue as well.

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    • The 1.09 B revenue for 1013 you mention is the average given by analysts and summarized by Yahoo. If you go to the latest presentation on the GPOR web site, you will see that this revenue increase is clearly tied to an estimate of production of 21 MBOE/day for this year relative to 7200 in 2012. Further you will see that the increase is largely due to production increases in the Utica (ramping up dramatically this year when they propose to drill 55-60 gross wells. How many of those are completed into production is a little unclear, but GPOR indicated in last CC that the infrastructure was now in place for wells they proposed to drill. This suggests the utica wells will be quickly put into production. Second big part of change will come from Alberta Oil sands ALgar lake project where they propose to have 6000 BOe/d come on line in third Q of this year. See nice summary of how they are doing this. (Grizzly costs for GPOR this year are down to 10 mil). Finally,
      notice how nicely GPOR is monetizing their 20% of Dang shares. Sold 2 Mil for about $68 mil last month.
      I now have all my GPOR shares back and am looking for a surge to previous high of $54 as we go toward 2 Q earnings report. A number of analysts have an estimate of $70 and above for GPOR by end of year.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • If you have so many doubts about this company, why are you even here? There are plenty of other companies out there where you can invest your money. Or are you a short?

      BTW, where do you see 2014 rev est of $1B?

      The highest I see is 722M and the avg is 593M. But since you mention $1B that is pretty close to my estimate. All it will take is one big contract for HiCz (Saudi Arabia) or the start of a supply chain explosion for sapphire screens. I also expect huge growth in SiC since GTAT has little competition there and will be introducing their first SiC furnace this year. (I am expecting details on the July conference call).

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