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  • poolsharkwally poolsharkwally Jan 5, 2011 1:04 PM Flag

    American Auto Stocks are the BEST!!


    Buy American fools. Ford stock February 2009 = $1.50 per share. January 2011 Ford stock = $18 per share. That's making money, honey. Not with these garbage "Chink" stocks like WATG. AMERICA RULES, China drools!! WATG is going in the toilet! See you at $2 per share. LOL

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    • America and Europe are matured too far though IMO. There is much more potential for growth in the automotive sector in China.

      I think business ethics are pretty respectable in the USA, but there aren't a lot of opportunities that haven't been tapped out here.

      I'll risk it here. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, and nobody buying WMT is exactly "laying it out on the line"

      Who am I trying to convince? Myself or you to cover? LOL