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  • adinvestor1965 adinvestor1965 Nov 30, 2012 11:59 AM Flag

    Inuvo Has Arrived

    For those of you who have not invested in micro caps, you may not understand why Inuvo will now have a very loud group of boo birds showing up on the message boards to spew all kinds of negativity. There are traders and investors who have looked at what is happening at INUV and they want to get a piece of the action. Because it has historically been so thinly traded (read: trading easily manipulated), they think they can come on the message boards and talk potential buyers out of bidding up the stock they want to buy and talk current shareholders into selling their shares on the cheap. Don't fall for it.

    INUV will be in a daily trading range over $2 within four - six months if not higher/sooner. The buy/sell decision at today's price / trading range is easy. Buy the stock. If you already own it, you should consider buying more, but no way you sell it at $1.35. If you do, you will be kicking yourself when Q4 is reported.

    Buy the stock / Use the Appbar & Bargain Match / Show friends how to do the same

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    • I just dont buy what you are saying - I've been long this name for years and am looking right now to add more on weakness - it is called trading for profit. INUV is a great example of a stock you want to buy and sell a block, and hold a block so as to miss nothing being completely out. What we saw Mon was very instructive - they were buying shares in multiple 000,000 lots to move it over 2, then people grabbed profits with both hands.

      Your thoughts about not selling here are right on, but "traders and investors who have looked at what is happening at INUV and they want to get a piece of the action" are part of trading. The monster in the closet for INUV has been the company itself, not traders enjoying profits...

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      • Seems to me this management team is doing something that those in the past could not, namely monetizing the assets.

        Corrao's got this moving in the right direction and PPS will reflect that. As for trading, my dirt bike technical analysis says that an upward move too steep for a dirt bike will drop back fast. Monday was no exception. But it is evident that the trading in the last few minutes has had a purpose, to manipulate the closing price. Why, who can say?

        I think Adinvestor's point is that on Monday, many buyers came in at higher levels and are now panicked by the fall back. Traders prey on that fear to scare people away and grab cheap shares. There is far more evidence to say this will return to $2+ level in the near future, and for those who were caught in the volatility, there is compelling evidence for them to recoup their losses. Now if they bought those shares on margin, that is a whole 'nother story.

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