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  • mackwheaton mackwheaton Apr 17, 2013 9:39 AM Flag

    Notes from 4Q12 call

    I found it interesting that Howe said this during the 4th quarter call, available on Seeking Alpha:

    "We are currently forecasting Q1 2013 revenue between $16.2 million and $16.5 million, a range that would position us well for another strong year given revenue has historically risen between Q2 and Q4.Revenue in the first quarter through March 12 has averaged $185,000 per day, with the Network segment contributing 60% of those revenues and the Applications segment contributing 40%."

    It was also noted that ad spend was reduced during the quarter in order to increase it in 3q and 4q when it is generally better utilized. Company has been cash flow positive since 3q12 per the call. Now with reduced operating expenses kicking in this quarter, things are looking far better than they did a year ago, but pps remains the same, for now. I agree with Lawshark though, that that will change. Think I may look to add some shares before the call.

    Instead of listening to the comments here, including mine, read the call transcript for yourself and decide for yourself whether things are improving, or not.

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    • "revenue between $16.2 million and $16.5 million"

      That is not an amount to brag about. Always talking revenue. Never profit. There never has been a profit, but you guys were suckered into this stock long ago at a price far far away.

    • Your quote "...things are looking far better than they did a year ago, but pps remains the same..."

      You are a dunce, no better with numbers than Lawshat, Wheathead (no head). Since Q412 numbers were released, the pps has steadily fallen and even after yesterday's end-of-day bump on very low volume, it is still down 15% from where it was when the Magical Howe spoke.

      • 1 Reply to donedoodit
      • Don't know why my response to this failed to show up even though it is noted that I did respond, but such are these awful Yahoo boards.

        For starters, my comments referred specifically to the PPS a year ago, not the end of year so my statements are accurate. Reading comprehension is not one of your strong points. So if I am dunce where does your misinterpretation place you on the sliding scale of intelligence?

        Second I conclude that you donedoodrulerdwfskipushno and whatever aliases you employ are either 1) a disgruntled former employee or investor that has nothing better to do than waste your days and nights dissing a penny stock or 2) you are an unscrupulous investor seeking to add as many shares as you can as cheaply as possible so you slam the stock in hopes influencing the PPS.

        While the first scenario characterizes you as a pathetic loser, the second is more reasonable as money can make people do almost anything and rationalize their immoral behavior.

        So you are either reprehensible or pathetic, maybe both. Doesn't matter, back to ignore you and your band of brainiacs go.

        For the rest of you the stock will double sometime in the next 6 to 8 months, enjoy.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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