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  • lawshark93999 lawshark93999 Apr 17, 2013 11:12 AM Flag

    Privacystar has 120 employees

    Is majority owned by First Orion....Under the execs employment agreements any change of control, ie a private takeout..would trigger all o/s stock options owned by said execs to immediately vest...ergo the incentive to go private...Morgan could come up with 1.50 to pay INUV shareowners off by Privacystar raising 30 million in the capital markets, both 1/2 debt and 1/2 equity (Axciom would take a stake) ...they could sell it to us as "now we are free from SarbanesOxley, and misc burdensome listing exchange expenses and the market wasnt valueing is fairly...Just by going private they would save at the very least several million a year..a 20 million loan at todays interest rates would be less than paying 2 mill a year-more like half of that....

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    • Quite possibly, the new board member Patrick Terrell could provide the financing..He already owns alot of the shares..he is a private equity guy per the 8-k filed in January (right around the time of the move to Ark) hardly a coincidence..I think a deal is being put together now..roughly 4-5 million on INUVO's books...Terrell or Acxiom could take a 15 million stake...Privacystar most likely has 5 million and they could raise the rest in a debt or equity offering...The INUV shareholders would bless it..INUV couldnt access the debt markets for funding as Bridgebank has put restrictions on them accessing the debt markets.

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