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  • I just read through the 10K finally. I am amazed at how the tone of that document is basically DON'T BUY OUR STOCK. It is no wonder this stock is trading down. If that is the only concrete material investors have to research this company we will HAVE to be bought to ever get anything going. I want out of this stock badly and will be doing so over the next couple of weeks. Shame on me for sticking around this long. Hope to see some volume and a spike so I can get rid of my small block of 20k shares. OH, one more thing. I would bet my left nut this has gone private for less than .80 in the next 6 months. IMHO. Good day to all. Over and out - for good.

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    • Unlike the glossy Annual Report that most companies publish, the 10K is a disclosure document that is not intended nor is it expected to be an advertisement to buy the shares. The basic requirement is that the commentary be as cautious and conservative as possible. Where you may have vomited was the "Risk" section where a company is required to spell out all possible events that might cause the business serious harm, even if the events spelled out might only have a remote possibility. Read some other 10K's to see what I mean.

      Sad to see you jumping off the boat. We need a good laugh once in a while and you have been a good foil.

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      • Done, I learned a long time ago I was put here for other peoples entertainment. I am glad I am following God's will for my life by entertaining you.

        BTW, no vomiting here over this tiny investment. I was just holding onto a pipe dream that this was going to be a 10 bagger. I make my money building mobile apps for churches and small businesses. I also have an online/mobile giving portal for churches and nonprofits, ChurchWise Solutions and GivingWise Solutions. I will be launching GolfWise Solutions soon.

        You seem obsessed with being online, maybe you would like a job posting in forums the generate leads for me........ROTFLMAO

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