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  • SafetyAgentMan SafetyAgentMan Sep 9, 1999 11:29 AM Flag

    Netopia Mentioned

    Virata Files to Raise $50 Million Through Initial
    Stock Sale

    Washington, Sept. 8 (Bloomberg) --
    Virata Corp., which supplies semiconductors and software
    to makers of digital subscriber line equipment,
    plans to raise as much as $50 million through an
    initial stock sale.

    The Santa Clara, California,
    company, whose backers include Oracle Corp., filed with
    the Securities and Exchange Commission to sell common
    shares. The number of shares to be sold and their
    estimated price range will be disclosed in a subsequent

    Virata was incorporated in 1993 after
    being part of Olivetti Research Laboratory, now AT&T
    Corp. Laboratories, the company said. Virata initially
    focused on developing systems for local area network
    applications. The company now specializes in semiconductors and
    software for broadband uses, the filing said. Customers
    include Com21 Inc., Orckit Communications Ltd. and
    Netopia Inc.

    Virata's components are used in
    modems, gateways, routers and other types of digital
    subscriber line, or DSL, equipment. DSL technology, used to
    provide fast online speeds over traditional copper
    telephone lines, has become popular as more people demand
    high-speed Internet access. Virata hopes to capitalize on
    that trend.

    One key to its business is that
    DSL equipment makers typically must purchase
    components from multiple vendors, test the parts, and
    integrate those pieces themselves. Virata said it provides
    semiconductors that are integrated with a comprehensive suite of
    software, reducing the time and cost of designing DSL

    ``The combination of our communications
    processors and software replaces numerous software elements
    and semiconductors which would otherwise have to be
    sourced from multiple vendors and then integrated and
    tested,'' according to the filing.


    Virata's net loss was $3 million in the three months ended
    June 30, compared with a net loss of $943,000 in the
    same period one year earlier. Revenue was $2.7 million
    compared with revenue of $2.8 million in the three months
    ended June 30, 1998.

    Virata said it would use
    proceeds from the stock sale for working capital and
    general corporate purposes. Those purposes may include
    research development and sales and marketing.

    Charles Cotton is chief executive. He has worked as chief
    executive of Shandwick Europe, a public relations
    consulting firm; and as president of Thermal Scientific and
    a director of its parent company, Thermal
    Scientific Plc, which was acquired by TI Group Plc.

    Hermann Hauser is chairman and a co-founder of Virata. He
    is also a director of Amadeus Capital Partners Ltd.,
    a venture capital fund management company.

    Oracle holds a 13.4 percent stake in Virata before the
    IPO. Olivetti Telemedia Investments BV holds a 9.8
    percent stake. Gaz et Eaux SA, an investment company
    controlled by partners in the Lazard investment banks, holds
    a 12.7 percent stake.

    An underwriting group
    led by Credit Suisse First Boston will market shares
    to the public. Virata will seek to trade on the
    Nasdaq Stock Market under the symbol ``VRTA.''

    Sep/08/1999 19:02

    For more stories from Bloomberg
    News, click here.

    (C) Copyright 1999 Bloomberg

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    • welcome to the roller coaster stock...we've seen
      way down on no news, and we're seeing back up on no
      news(i don't count that press release as anything
      positive or negative...just a marketing dweeb with an itch
      to scratch).

      Fun, fun...let 'er ride.

    • People on the board are looking for a major DSL announcement...and a major DSL annoucement we shall get.

    • 100 share block go through, I'm going to lose it
      :) It looks like there is an initial positive
      reaction to the "news". I don't think the gains will hold
      throughout the day though.
      Hey TECH, nice to see you
      posting again.

    • I agree if we can get some momentum back we could
      easily make to 50 by year end. I started buying this
      stock down at 12 traded successfully up to last week I
      sold out over 30, so I missed the last 7 points. This
      is the only stock I have traded where I have been
      able to buy it back lower then where I sold it and
      trade it again it just takes sitting on your hands and
      waiting for the right price. I am not a day trader, 80%
      of my money dosen't turn over because I am in mostly
      high cap tech and blue chip stocks, but NTPA has
      proven to be one of the best trading stocks I have had
      you can just look back at the trading ranges for the
      last 7 months higher lows and higher highs. I
      personally don't think we will see low 20's on this stock
      but 24 to 26 for a short period would not be
      unusually for stock that has had this move. Like I said I
      looking to nibble at 28 and buy big at 26, I may be wrong
      but with all the negativity in the market I thing you
      will see profit taking lasting into the next few weeks
      until earnings reports start to turn us around. Like I
      said people tend to sell winners and hold losers in
      hopes that it will come back and NTPA is a winner.

    • the news we've been looking for. What we are
      looking for is a multi-million order from the RBOCs and
      ISPs for Netopia's routers. Or some major partnership
      with infrastructure companies. No? MISTAHCOUGHDROP.

    • we've been waiting for? It's about the equivalent of saying "hey, we're still in business" which certainly isn't bad, but it ain't up there with the stinger news.

    • We must be reading the same info, I actually
      bought into NTAP today. I've been watching it for awhile
      adn took advantage of today's pull back to get in.

      I'm a little worried about NTPA as well, but I have
      found that everytime I'm close to giving up on this
      stock it picks up momentum and makes me glad I've
      stayed in.

    • your situation. If you already own NTPA, why buy
      more at these levels when there is just a good a
      chance it will go down as it will up? If you don't
      already own NTPA, then you may want to buy now in case it
      has already hit bottom. Even if it goes down a few
      more points, you'll be fine as long as you didn't
      margin yourself out and as long as you stay long on the
      stock. Personally, I'll wait till NTPA gets below 29 to
      add to my position, otherwise, I'll just keep what I
      already have. NTPA is not the only good stock out there
      you know.

    • The consolidation point may very well be in the
      low 20's, high 20's, or wherever. And I think we will
      definitely test those levels IF no news is issued. Should
      there be the news everyone is expecting, however, you
      guys waiting for the low 20's may never have a chance.
      Only time will tell. I, for one, will not wait to see
      those levels. I'll be long out should we continue to
      head in that direction. I will cut those losses.

    • opinions of 32 being violated. NTPA has shown to
      have a life separate from the girations and fears that
      permeate the Street
      every now and then. The trade
      deficit has been a bogey -man for years and now somehow
      Wall Streeet see great problems with it.
      The price
      of oil and the millions of SUV's gas guzzling down
      the highway no doubt helped bring this upon us.NTPA
      has technology that will help with energy efficiency
      via e-commerce... so where's the connection? The fact
      is and has been NTPA has moved up ,when it had
      strong fundamental news from the company . It has not
      had much in the past month except for the the
      "Stinger" technology compatibility with Lucent. When it
      moves its going to catch many a speculator by surprise
      and force a feeding frenzy, as we have seen before.
      That is the nature of this baby . Don't expect
      anything different now.

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