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Netopia Inc. (NTPAE) Message Board

  • cmgi_field cmgi_field Sep 27, 2000 12:06 PM Flag


    Pru Research is a joke!! Price targets always way
    to low or to high. Not surprised to hear they were
    on the bid today. Wouldn't be surprised to see NTPA
    recover and some QUALITY FIRMS come in to defend the
    stock with buy reiterations. NTPA at these prices
    offers tremendous value and limited downside.

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    • I have been in NTPA since it was $6. I have been
      in and out consistently and made good money by
      getting a feel for how this stock trades. This is an
      extremely manipulated should have split
      the stock while it was pricey to increase the
      liquidity. But I have made money. I have never seen such
      volume and negativity on this board before. I have to
      say that it is a good sign right here because the
      dirtbag MM's who control it will be slaughtering the
      shorts soon. The company has been pretty consistent in
      turning in good numbers in the past. I suspect that it
      will be the same in Nov. Don't be fooled by the shorts
      or analysts. We all know what they are good
      for...nothing. It's only my opinion that the worst has been
      priced in and I think that most of the price action is
      manipulation on a grand scale.

    • I totally agree with you. I think that even the
      "End of the Earth" has been factored into the price of
      this stock.
      Since the volume is so high today, and
      since the float is so small (14.4 million) shares,I
      think this sucker WILL CLOSE UP!!!!!!!