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  • joercollazo joercollazo Nov 9, 2000 10:17 AM Flag

    Even if Gore wins I will still keep

    NTPA, this is a great company

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    • I read your post, what's the problem, the numbers
      too big for you?

      I have been trading for over
      10 years now, some of my fellow traders "put me to
      shame" when it comes to "buying power".

      believe me or not - I don't care!

      I DO own 17,500
      shares of SSTI and I am hoping for $21 - $22 by the end
      of next week (if this uncertainty ever

      Even NTPA is worth taking a look at at the $7 level
      for a nice bounce back to $10.

      Anyway Fat
      Luck, just because I like to post here doesn't mean I
      have "no" money!

      Have a nice weekend,

    • Uh huh.

      I bought 1 million shares of ACVC,
      made 4 million today.

      ... and the bullshit goes

      What a loser.

      --- some idiot wrote
      ... ---
      Sorry to see what is happening to NTPA,
      "trading" is better in this kind of market.

      I bought
      1,000 shares of BRCM at $156 13/16 and sold it today at
      $170 - not bad

      PMCS, I bought at $115 and sold
      at $122 - another $7,000.

      TXCC, I am still
      holding I bought it at $39 3/8.

      If you're
      interested, check out SSTI - extremely undervalued - I bought
      17,500 shares at$18 9/16 and have another order to buy
      7,500 more at $18.

      For what it's worth


    • Have to say, you're calling it right.

      a bear market, the easiest money is from shorting.
      But that isn't in my blood (yet), so rather than see
      my holdings winnow down, I'm also aggressively
      trading. The only way for a long to make money.

      recent volatility has afforded great opportunities to
      trade. We'll probably get continued opportunities over
      the next month, with all the uncertainties. Look upon
      them as opportunities.

      Read what the shorts
      think, understand the bear, don't fight the tape. Every
      buy is for a trade.


      Maybe I'll buy back the NTPA I dumped, when the dust
      settles. Looks to continue trending down, I will just
      watch. The current quarter won't be better, maybe worse,
      than the last. Too soon to buy back in yet. Doubt it
      goes below 5 though.

      And btw, do watch out for
      the csco's et al.
      This company is too small to do
      damage to anyone else, just a flea. Not a very good flea
      lately, though. Maybe Ericsson's desire to get into DSL
      will open more doors. We'll see.

      Not happy with
      management. They sold at $50 this summer, when they must have
      known that JATO was blowing up, and when they weren't
      getting the orders from COVD that they had in the past.
      Not a word to us. Not one. Wouldn't speak out loud,
      wouldn't call me back.

      Now THESE guys are worth

    • GREAT company?
      GREAT company?

      "brainwashed" you, r u an insider perhaps, married to the CEOs

      Did you buy in at $190?


      I shorted
      UNFY at $6 1/2 down to $0.50; look at TFSM, PCLN,

      Check the message boards, all of the investors there
      "swore" that these companies were "GREAT"

      Look at them now.

    • Hate to break it to you, but unless you bought
      this POS in the first half hour of last thursday, you
      have had a horrible ROI. Great company? Defined as
      what? Their absolutely atrocious last quarter wiped out
      all of their last 6 in terms of beating expectations.
      They have already said that next quarter will be flat
      (meaning that if/when they miss again, things will get
      really ugly). We all know what the return on investment
      has been. Management who was once held in high regard
      didn't even have the decency to pre-warn. Instead they
      did something very misleading: reassured investors by
      phone, followed by moving up the release date (a
      movement recognized in the investment community as a
      positive). No, this is no longer a good company. I will buy
      it again at 6, just for spec purposes, but I will
      never speak another good word about this POS. Buysell,
      congrats on your gains.