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  • joercollazo joercollazo Nov 9, 2000 10:30 AM Flag

    Even if Gore wins I will still keep

    I am a long-term investor I bought NTPA at 5 1/2 in September 1998

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    • Are you telling me you held on to this dogshit
      stock when it hit $90?

      You have just confirmed
      what type of investor is "long" NTPA!


      My Lord, what is wrong with you, do you think you
      will EVER, EVER see $90 again?

      You are not a
      long term investor, you are a long term

      Do I know how to read financials?

      kidding, right?

      You read the financials of this
      comapny and thought $90 was a "fair" price with more to


      P.S. BTW - I covered at $8 1/8, another $14,500 for a
      total of $34,482 - see you guys.

      I hope you all
      don't regret staying long NTPA.

      Word of advice:

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      • One final comment:

        One can like the
        evaluations of a company and believe in it, however, when the
        overall sentiment in a sector (such as DSL currently) is
        so overwhelmingly "negative", one shouldn't ridicule
        a "short" trader just because he/she is
        contradicting your long term view, in the short

        Maybe NTPA can turn it around over the next few
        quarters, but holding on to it when the CEO tells you that
        the next quarter will be flat - at best?

        and buy back later, to take a 30% beating when you
        don't have to, is ridiculous.

        nuff said, on to
        TXCC, PMCS and BRCM (long this time) good entry on TXCC
        in the $30s, PMCS in the $110s and BRCM in the low

        Happy trading!

      • the price went up to $92 because of the
        "irrational exubernce" of investors. I would not have bought
        this stock at any price above $25 a share like so many
        a stock with such a small float like ntpa will
        rise very rapidly due to the fact that many people
        like to buy without doing research.
        ntpa will rise
        again and wll go beyond its all time high of $92 a
        share. It won't be soon but it will.