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  • kahonez2001 kahonez2001 Mar 28, 2001 1:10 PM Flag

    Big Meeting Thursday

    Word from Netopia rank and file - big meeting / announcement this Thursday - The Dallas Sales and Move-In departments - will they close??? and be sent back to Calif???

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    • No name calling here. I also think you raise some very valid points. No one here is in love with this company (at least I'm not). There are definitely issues, and I got burned on this stock last winter when they failed to warn. It's hard to believe I'm back in, but it's a small position at 3. I may add to it at 2 if it gets back there. Then again, I may wait till they report to get a better idea of where they're at. I do agree that cash flow is a good indication, and we all know it's negative for this (and many other) company(ies). The issue is whether they have enough cash to survive this economic (and dsl) downturn. They may not. Good luck to us all.

    • Well, we can all take a look at the 3/31/01 balance sheet when the figures become available, but my analysis would have them at about $2 per share, (including the short term investments); I could be wrong, and they could surprise on the upside with the quarterly numbers, (not likely, given the reports and warnings we've seen). If I am wrong, I'll apologize, and I certainly didn't mean my post as a "bash"; I am just of the opinion that this company MUST find a partner that will give it sustainability, as I don't think they'll survive alone. Also, I think there has been far too much talk of this balance sheet, as if the $2 or $3 in cash on hand is somehow not reflected in the stock price. I've seen more good balance sheets go down the crapper than I care to remember, and I think that CASH FLOW, and not CASH ON HAND, is the number that people should be fixated with. Go ahead and call me names if you wish, but I think I raise some relevant issues.

    • jbacci, it really doesn't matter whether you are short or not, or what I believe. I don't see how you can come up with a claim that they have less than $2 in cash a share, especially when you infer someone else is lying for relying on info. from the company. Not trying to bash you here, just don't understand, that's all. I do agree with you that they need a partner, or for the dsl industry to turn around quickly (doubt that will happen). They do have some cash though, and more than you say, I believe. They are not burning through their cash that quickly, at least, historically, they were not. But you may know something I don't. And if the price keeps going down, I may be more inclined to believe you (and many others) know something I don't. It wouldn't be the first time. I guess we'll find out soon enough with earnings.

    • Got some more NTPA.

      Seems darn cheap. Could get cheaper, who knows. I'll probably buy some more if it does.

      I'm not super optimistic about this biz, but I think it's so cheap it's worth a gamble.

    • Are you referring to the balance sheet of 9/30/00???

    • My identity also is A1ventureanalyst by the way. And sorry for the other message. I get sick of hypeswellers in these forumns, for better or ill, but I agree with you. I have 3000 shares here averaged at 3.3 and I also have faith in this company.

      Compared to other message sites this one is very decent and the combonation of assinine comments from some other posters got the best of me, but I will acknowledge when I make a mistake. Sorry for the flame and good luck to all the hopefuls.

      You know I don't mind the shorts posting either from time to time. I just like civility and constructive use of these sites and some I've seen are just an excuse to be write crap.

      Good luck all. Cheers -

    • TexasPro, thanks for setting jbacci straight. He obviously has the IQ of a tobacco plant.

      BTW, I agree with you. It sure looked like the market makers were trying to make sure they got all the sellers. They took it down early on low volume. Anyway, I think investors who are willing to hold NTPA for the next 12 months will be very happy.

    • I am not a short, and I stand by my information; I have been in and out of this stock, and currently hold a couple of hundred shares, which I haven't bothered selling. I'm not trying to talk down the stock, just mentioning the opinion that this company needs a partner with cash FLOW, (as opposed to cash), and right quick.

    • you, my friend, are full of s---. First off, no company would tell you that over the phone, and if you look at their most recent financial statement, cash was already under $40mm....where the hell did they come up with 13 million in cash while losing money. You, sir, are a moron.

    • I know of two others that found jobs elsewhere since the announcement of the merger, one software engineer and a reputedly exceptional VP. I don't know if it was just the timing of because of the merger, however. Only they know. :-)

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