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  • joercollazo joercollazo Aug 3, 2001 6:47 AM Flag

    ntpa's the place to be

    CMTN did not drop sharply after yesterday's earnings report because investors have factored in every doom and gloom scenario in the world into that stock and the DSL equipment maker industry. I CMTN doesn't survive then your other investment, that is NTPA, should do better because Netopia will have one less competitor and won't have to cut prices and therefore will be able to sustain its fairly healthy gross margins.
    Wall Street funded too many companies in the last few years and now there is too much overcapacity in this industry. I just hope I am right about Netopia. Other telecom equipment makers like Lucent are drowning in debt and their bonds have fallen to junk status. Cisco and Nortel had huge amounts of vendor financing which has caused them to write-off huge amounts of receivables. I am amazed how analysts have underestimated Netopia But then, those idiots were recommending YHOO at 250, AMZN at 100 and CSCO at 80. That why I never take those guys seriously. They kissed large corporations in the butt so they could get investment banking business from them. I am sure the reason Netopia is barely covered by analysts is because it is not a company that generates billions of dollars in revenue. Investment bankers figures that Netopia won't give them much business. That is such a shame. A small company with huge pottential is ignored. If Netopia's revenue one day rises rapidly, you'll see investment bakers lining up to kiss Alan Lefkoff's behind.