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  • big.yank big.yank Nov 21, 2011 3:28 PM Flag

    NASCAR fans in Homestead do something unforgiveable!

    By booing Michelle Obama and Jill Biden who were at the race to support honoring veterans, NASCAR fans clearly crossed the line from mere beer-stuporized, glassy-eyed, mancave mentality to crass, lowdown, redneck Confederate-flag-weilding Neanderthal behavior.

    I have attended well over 100 NASCAR events, but I have been to my last one.

    This once great sport has been degraded to the low levels of WWE and Roller Derby fandom.


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    • nascar fans know she really dislikes them and they also know she can't stand the military for what it stands for, heck she doesn't even like the USA FOR WHAT IT STANDS FOR. Have you left yet?

    • I guess that makes him an "Ocutardos"??

    • "Occupy Barbados"

      Now that's just funny!

    • You don't understand. His age is the dead giveaway. He just wants to be counted as a person that SHOULD BE LISTENED TO, even though he hasn't done squeeze in his life to make anyone listen, so he thinks if he states he is going to boycott with 6 of his friends it will be enough incentive to MAKE people listen to him...

      So Big.Yank, how is that Occupy Barbados movement working out for you???

    • So I guess the market liked what ISC and NASCAR has to offer more than your Barbados bound 6 friends that are 19 years old? That was a pretty good gain on Friday!!!

    • Actually GW Bush got booed at daytona..i also thought the boing of the first lady and dr. biden was stupid but typical. NASCAR is becoming more like wrestling appearing staged to me anyway. I would be though, the homestead market is full of part year residents from the North East and not a typical nascar redneck market...probably more hispanics or brooklynites than rednecks...I think any politician no matter where from would get booed by someone at any large gathering. But i agree, Nascar is in a slow death and this could not help.

    • ...and good riddance...

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      • Good riddance? How nice.

        All I saw at track after track in 2011 was empty seats. Even Bristol didn't sell out. What a stupid move to alienate the 50% or more of Americans that were likely offended by the rude actions of an unruly fan mob.

        Remember the year NASCAR chose Clarence Thomas as the Grand Marshall at Daytona? Nobody booed him, even though many people privately expressed the opinion that he was guilty of sexual harassment. I actually watched several tables of guests at the Union 76 banquet on Friday night walk out when he was introduced to the audience. But nobody booed or insulted him.

        Crass, boorish behavior is not an entitlement for NASCAR fans. Sadly, NASCAR as an organization will likely take a huge hit in 2012 for something to which they did not contribute. They actually invited Michelle Obama and Jill Biden to Homestead as a part of honoring U.S. service people.

        And so good riddance to you, too. I just cancelled my plans for Daytona for 2012. My 9 guests and I are now going to Barbados, and chose to change planes in San Juan so we don't have to land in Miami, helping the Florida economy.

        Congratulations to Tony Stewart. Sorry I'll miss your campaign, next season.

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