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  • stockphobic stockphobic May 5, 2011 3:51 PM Flag

    if we take out 0.83, its game over for TGC

    if we take out 0.83, its game over for TGC for quite some time until hot money comes in.

    Bernanke said inflation is transitory and he is a genius and is right. We have deflationary problem until the chinese riddle is solved.

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    • Tgc is not a company but a ponzi stock

      be a ponzi player not a story teller

    • This was a nice call. We are done for now. We will keep sliding down to 0.40's sooner than later.

      Then it will be good olde golden days again..

      Message board will quiten after that.. Only veterans wil post.

      Agian i repeat TGC is a great company.. This is just my trading call..

    • I told before

      "if we take out 0.83, its game over for TGC"

      So the game is over for now. Probably some thing good might come after election...

    • you know phobic, there is something wrong with you. Iknow you already know that and probably have for as far back as you can remember. You will continue to get bad reactions on post boards, chat rooms, and probably most places you go in your world. Even if you turn out to be correct about TGC price noone cares. Its not WHAT you say, as much as HOW you say it that grates on the nerves of everyone around you. You don't belong in civilized society, but you knew that already. Buy some other stock and go pester those people.

    • the way you guys type the message, shows the character of you people.

      Time will tell who is clown, who is boy, who is girl, who is grand father, who is grand mother, Who is Mr. Son of Town

      I know you guys are hurt.

    • If deflation is up 20% then I believe you!
      Here everything is up 20+%!
      So berspankme is a total clown with out a clue!
      Fixed income seniors are getting hammered and so are most middle class and the poor!
      Soon it will either be rich or poor no middle class left!
      The fed is an institution hell bent on ruining America!
      We are in a corner with no way out thanks to nafta and free trade!Ross Perot said it plain as can be said nafta will be the end of America as we know it!Now bow to your master there phobic!Wait till oil is 150 later this year!

    • He keeps talking about people getting angry but he keeps posting were going down, were going down, were going down.... As much as he's posting it he must be in a state of panic thus his chosen name Phobic. He probably got left and hopes to get in like the rest of us or sold to early and wants back in. He sure lives up to his name Phobic though with his posts. As frequently as he posts he must not have a day job and is a frustrated desperate attempted day trader

    • Have your people get in touch with my people and until I hear from my people you are on ignore.

      Quite frankly, I have no time to waste on you.

      Grandpa that peace thing that you were talking about starting with you/me can sure be a challenge now and then.

      Peace man, farm out!


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      Re: if we take out 0.83, its game over for TGC 5-May-11 05:06 pm
      Getting angry is a symptom that you are nervous and loser.

      A loser gets angry quickly as he is frustrated and annoyed like you with the way things are happening..

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      Do you happen to see your sentiment rating "STRONG SELL" YOU dam idiot!

    • mktownson,

      You clearly have all symptoms of a psycho. If u read my post again, i didnt try to say anything negative about tgc. You are getting really excited. Is this how u behave when u get back home - yell, scream for such a small post.

      Please read what i posted...

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