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  • conquestx1 conquestx1 Mar 21, 2013 1:32 PM Flag

    TER is now the WORST performing stock in its group and getting pounded everyday.

    The CEO and CFO have no faith inTER why should you ? Delisting from the S&P500 is around the corner, it does not belong there!

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    • This is crazy! While market is making new high and just off 1% from the new high.

    • Still not cheap enough for me to buy but it is cheap enough to be worth keeping an eye on at this point.

    • One last posting and I'm done with you.
      1. There will not be a delisting of a company with major market share in it's industry.
      (Your LTXC on the other hand has been able to avoid this for years)
      2. Pounding? Since the beginning of February the stock has closed up more often than its closed down.
      (then again, maybe you were talking about today in which we agree, it was pounded hour after hour...)
      I've asked you before to put timelines against your comments and you don't
      3.Prudent investors balance their portfolios from time to time. That includes CEO's and CFO's
      They can't just keep accumulating stock in one company. Investing 101
      4.Not sure what indicators you are using to evaluate this stock, but it looks like you pick whatever supports your past postings.
      Seen you before pumping LTX before they were burned by their suitor.
      No hard feelings, but you lost.
      Good Luck.

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      • Cool it and let's get some facts right. LTXC is not a part of the S&P500 and I have never promoted this stock. TER does not have birth rights and paramount importance to the index. TER is a laggard and a drag on the index. Front end cos. like KLAC and AMAT are prosperous and pay generous dividends and TER is meagerly profitable and reckless with stock grants.
        TER may report a loss for Q1 so the CEO and CFO sell their stock, you know for sure that TER will report a lousy quarter, This pair is not a good example of confidence in the future of the company not to mention some lousy acquisitions that they made and please do not brag about LP the previous acquisitions from MegaTest and beyond were all a bust.
        TER is going nowhere but down, I will give it no more then 10% probability of going over $18 in 2013, in the meantime the CEO and CFO are laughing all the way to the bank, two scoundrels!

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