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  • Facts_and_facts_only Facts_and_facts_only Sep 21, 2000 11:04 PM Flag

    Loose Lips Sink Ships and TER

    From Fleck's rap on SI:

    "In the early
    going the Sox was down about 4 percent, led by Teradyne
    (TER), which dropped about 20 percent. At a breakout at
    one of the big dead fish conferences, the company
    apparently allowed that it had to do a tremendous amount of
    business in the last couple of weeks to make the quarter.
    Other Sox stocks were also feeling the pressure in the
    early going due to Teradyne's comments and the implied
    problems in telecom and wireless. "

    someone slipped up and some ambitious analyst saw it as
    an opportunity to boost his career (after making up
    some fake targets). Why the **** can you not make a
    presentation without giving away all your secrets? The last
    quarter it was the wrong guidance on orders. This quarter
    is a slipup on the number of orders to be closed
    this quarter. If TER continues to goof at this rate,
    we will all be bankrupt.

    This analyst not
    only killed TER by 20% (about $1.5 billion) but
    knocked down the entire semi sector - destroying perhaps
    $20 billion in market cap in the semi sector. Way to
    go Prudential. Congrats Shekhar Pramanick.

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