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  • cpa38 cpa38 Mar 18, 2013 8:46 AM Flag

    Immediate thoughts

    1. A ton is trading in insider information happened here, starting around Feb 15th. In the weeks leading up to that date, daily volume was only a couple thousand shares. On Fed 15th it jumped to over 20 K shares and didn't let up from that point forward.

    I called this morning and spoke with a contact I have at the SEC. I will be pounding out follow up letters today. The gears of the SEC move slowly. And it may not be until after a transaction closes here that they step in for a hard look. But, it will happen.

    2. No wonder nothing has been announced on the P&W deal. They are suppressing that news to keep the price low.

    3. Shareholders of EDAC are getting the royal shaft at $17.75. This company is on the verge of explosive growth, and it is being stolen from us.

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    • Might this volume spike be Greenbriar buying shares on the cheap in the open market??

      Thought someone had posted that Greenbriar was buying using sub names to avoid public notices
      and now own more than 20% of the company???

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      • I posted it, Greenbriar was hiding their holdings. Immediately after they filed their annual statement, they started accumulating again to buy more than 20%.

        On Feb 15, 2012, the short interest went way way up on this stock. I speculated all the way back then that Greenbriar was purposely shorting the company to lower they ultimate buyout price. Today, I am 99% certain I was right all along. And we were shafted, this should be selling for a LOT higher.