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  • cpa38 cpa38 Mar 18, 2013 7:01 PM Flag

    Here's what really smells about this theft

    I haven't crunched detailed numbers yet. Will be doing that later on this evening. But, it's obvious what really smells about the deal. The value offered may well be appropriate for the current operations, current P&L. However, EDAC is on the verge of landing huge business with Pratt and Whitney. So, what if EDAC is now worth near the offer, but with a major Pratt and Whitney deal, EDAC is worth 30,40,50% more?

    Have you taken notice that they are trying to close this is record time, within weeks? Team that with the fact that the Pratt and Whitney letting of contracts was supposed to happen any day now .... leaves one wondering if the mgt team here knows they've landed a deal with Pratt, and they are therefore trying to buy the company for a song and dance before they are forced to disclose the extent of new business they've landed.

    THAT's WHY WE NEED LAWYER's challenging this transaction. And if the lawyers are worth their salt, they will contact Pratt and get to the bottom of the conversations and correspondence between Pratt and EDAC on these new contracts. Then they'll cross that info with what was cranked into any valuation calculation.

    My bet .... EDAC is worth slightly more than being offered now. But, they know massive Pratt contracts are on the verge of happening. And EDAC's valuation once those deals are landed is SUBSTANTIALLY more than $17.75.

    They're simply trying to STEAL the value of the Pratt work from us.